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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys, been a long while since i've been around the forum. Bottom line is, my work in summer is just too much for me to handle any gaming at all. Anyway decided to drop by to say i've started a DST Solo World, with a lots of mods, and tbh i'm getting in love as much as when New Reign was getting released. I always wanted to do a Solo World like my Mega Base in Single Player with all the good new content New Reign brought, but after doing two 1k+ Days Megabases with a few people it was just not enough content to make me wanna start everything from scratch. I'm around 250+ days so there is still not much done, so i will just share 2 zones(one finished, the other almost) were you can see few of the mods in work Hope you enjoy the screen shots Best Regards, Glermz ps. If you have cosmetic mods that fit the Art Style of the original content of Dont Starve, feel free to link them
  2. I'd love to see nicely decorated and tidy bases. Show me some screenshots of your base with as few items lying on the ground as possible. Everyone can stack their stuff and spread it out, so please only clean bases. Show me that you took some time in decorating it. They don't have to be big or symmetrical (since I also mess up a lot on that subject D:). Small and nice details are also very much appreciated. Here are some pictures of my current base. It is still work in progress and I plan on putting walls up next. If anyone has some suggestions how I could improve my base, please let me hear it. I will also update from time to time if I made some progress worth noting
  3. Hi everybody! I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this beta build of the game and it seems very promising. I am sure a ton of features will be developed (especially looking forward to aliens and alien technology). But there is one thing that is on my mind with this game: The "end" game design goal: Will we be able to survive forever (like we could in Don't Starve)? I have to be honest; I really, really dislike the idea of being able to grind yourself through 1000 of days (or cycles) in ONI... and it ultimately turned me off from Don't Starve (also didn't find the motivation for doing the portals because it seemed like a side quest.) So here I am back in ONI and hoping this will be handled differently this time around... I think the most entertaining part of the game is when you start out in a new asteroid and figure out how to stabilize in the first few days. Isn't the nature of this game exploitation and ending in a catastrophic mess? On the other hand I see a lot of screenshots with 1000 cycles already... some of you guys do seem to like to play that way? What do you think? Should it be possible to build a permanent base forever or should there be a limit on cycles? Or some kind of devastating alien invasion on cycle 100 or something?