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My latest take on Robotic Dupes.

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I know robots have been suggested many times before (I personally did so in at least two separate threads during EA), so forgive me for doing so again.

Automated Duplicants

  • unlocked after Computing
  • built with refined metals at a Robotics Station (new building) and must be repaired if damaged
  • do not require food, oxygen, or sleep and are immune to germs
  • have no morale requirements or stress reactions
  • must be periodically recharged at a Charging Dock (new building)
  • by default, cannot be assigned any errands

Automated Duplicant Server

  • new building requiring a modest amount of power and producing a fair amount of heat
  • an Automated Dupe can be assigned to one server
  • a server allows you to permit the assigned Automated Dupe to perform one errand (tidying, digging, etc)
  • multiple servers can be linked together, allowing the Automated Dupe to perform one additional errand per linked server
  • servers are linked via Fiber Optic Cables (new wire), which are made from plastic

Data Center

  • new room containing Automated Duplicant Servers
  • boosts Automated Dupe stats by +1 (to a cap of 20) for every functional server contained within


The idea here is that Automated Duplicants can only be built and maintained by an advanced colony since they require advanced research, plastic and refined metal production, plenty of power, and advanced cooling to keep the servers from overheating.  This, in theory, balances the upside to having automated labor working around the clock without draining the colony's food and oxygen reserves.  It also allows a colony manager to run a few low-end or many advanced Automated Dupes, as their colony's power generation and cooling capacity permits.

I toyed with the idea of having a 3rd tier Science skill (branching off of Field Research) as a requirement for using the Robotics Station, but wasn't sure if that's a good idea.


Feel free to critique my idea or to offer your own.

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Fiber optic cables would make more sense to be made out of glass. Glass doesn`t have much uses atm. Would be cool if the server would read/scan the skill of a certain dupe and copy it into the robodupes. It would automatically call in the dupe with the highest level in that skill and update each time the dupe increases his skill (or another surpasses him).

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