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Multiplayer option

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This game could be played by many at the same time in the same world for the same reason:"fun".

For example you can have a custom made dupe that you can choose his appearance and level him up skill acquiring and other stuff like that then joining your new world adding friends or join some other servers with survival or sandbox mode worlds.

At a start of a game any dupe must have a special storgage box like the ones you can find in any world inside a random abandoned build near a comfy bed (with enough starting storgage space), and the classic food storgaze if needed, a chat box to communicate and arrange the jobs based on the skills of any player's dupe in the world (maximum joinable player dupes should be put to three based on the classic single player mode, for more dupes prepare a shop for that if it'll be able)and also if it'll be needed add economy for trading in servers with more than three players.The dupe will be controlled as in singleplayer and can still use the priorities list if the dupe has more than one order like in singleplayer with the exeption of beeng able to controll only your dupe.


Any other suggestions based on mine are welcome!!!:)

and also spare my mistakes..

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I don't see how multiplayer would work how you described it without major changes to the game mechanics. 

I think if there would be some sort of multiplayer, then I would imagine it being more like a trading system.  Maybe you could send your rocket to 'passing' asteroids, which would be another player somewhere.   

I don't know...  

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Just now, metallichydra said:

i'm not 100% sure, but i think, dont starve was not meant to be multiplayer.

And its still not. They made Dont starve together. Thas another version. And the game mechanics make sense in a multiplayer scenario. ONI will not.



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