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  1. Oxygen Not Included 2020-04-27 19-41-06.mp4 I couldn't figure out why my ship wouldn't launch, so I started watching them load the oxylite. Watch the attached video and you will see what is going on. The dupes are infinitely loading the oxylite. Prior to this loop I notice that they were only delivering, what I call packets, from the storage containers of the amount that was loadied. So the refinery would put; 10 kg, 10 kg, 10 kg, etc in storage and the dupes would pull out 10 kg, 10 kg, 10 kg, despite the balance(prior to the recording) being a couple hundred kg(I would expect them to pull out their carrying capacity). At some point they were only delivering 9.8 kg packets. It feels like there is a rounding error or something. Like the ship sees 1036.99999, or something, but the packets being delivered aren't filling that gap to 1037. I don't know, that was just my first thought. I paused the game in the middle because I thought they finally fixed it, but they didn't.
  2. I just realized...... It's entirely possible that they are idle. BUT usually idle dupes still move from tile to tile every once and a while.... I have noticed that if I tell them to move then they usually do something else right after that. idk
  3. Dupes freeze or lock up in atmo suit docking stations. Attached a video as well as the save. Don't mind the Joe Dirt reference for the save file name. Let me know if these files didn't work, I can try another method to record if needed. Active mods: - BalanceGasPumpsConsumption (because I'm lazy) - Liquid Conditioner Adjust (because I'm lazy) - Refrigerator Balance (because fridges suck and there is NO point in building them unless you install this mod) Oxygen Not Included 2020-03-13 18-16-25.mp4 Home Is Where You Naked.sav
  4. I have the same thing happening. I think you can reproduce it at the turn of night or the turn of day and be clicking and moving the mouse to place something during the transition. It does it with build and deconstruct, I haven't noticed cancel.
  5. This is still present in the official release.
  6. Wow, I know exactly what I did. This was the first time I used them, so I went to the dictionary and this is how I wrongly read the information. It is slightly confusing, IMO the line break should be above the 'Longhair Slickster', not used as an underscore for a new topic. Anyway thanks guys.
  7. It does not seem as if Long Hair Slicksters produce petroleum.... ever. View the save. Also this save contains the same 4k UI zoom issue that I reported. Example.sav
  8. Date: 7/12/2019 @ 2210 CST ASUS PB287Q 4k (3840 * 2160) @ 60Hz GeForce 970x Windforce display port ONI preview build LU-351503 I don't know what else you need... just let me know. This is as far out as I can zoom.
  9. I am as well. This save file is saved right at the crash. All you need to do is connect the pipe from the sieve to the bathroom loop, then the game crashes to the desktop. Settlement.sav
  10. When a dupe is holding their breath and require oxygen the To Do list gets reset. Example: - A dupe is carrying an item - They are holding breath - They require oxygen and run to get O2 (the notification bubble pops up) - They drop the item - Then after catching their breath, they will not go back and pick up the item I would expect them to go back to the task, in the same manner that the sneezers now will go back to the task. ****** Please note that this is different than the task reset when sneezing, that issue appears to be fixed. *****
  11. When a dupe 'sneezes' or coughs, the 'To do' list is reset. This even happens when the dupe is on their way to get food. The list will reset and the eating chore disappears. This even occurs when they are eating and haven't completed the eating animation. This leading to very frequent starvation alerts. I think that they should 'remember' what they were doing when they sneeze, and continue, if available. Pound Town Cycle 188.sav