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  1. When a dupe is holding their breath and require oxygen the To Do list gets reset. Example: - A dupe is carrying an item - They are holding breath - They require oxygen and run to get O2 (the notification bubble pops up) - They drop the item - Then after catching their breath, they will not go back and pick up the item I would expect them to go back to the task, in the same manner that the sneezers now will go back to the task. ****** Please note that this is different than the task reset when sneezing, that issue appears to be fixed. *****
  2. I don't know that it needs to be more efficient per say, it just needs to be balanced. So you are replacing large amounts of water with convenience. You can pipe it anywhere and even though the amount may be smaller you gain quicker hikes to it's usage. That being said, I like your idea. For balance, you could slow the dupe down while carrying the larger container. So you get location convenience and large amounts of water but sacrifice pipes, power, and dupe speed.
  3. When a dupe 'sneezes' or coughs, the 'To do' list is reset. This even happens when the dupe is on their way to get food. The list will reset and the eating chore disappears. This even occurs when they are eating and haven't completed the eating animation. This leading to very frequent starvation alerts. I think that they should 'remember' what they were doing when they sneeze, and continue, if available. Pound Town Cycle 188.sav
  4. I was thinking about this as well. My idea was to make a faucet though. But the idea is the same, pipe the water to this point, then the dupes manually turn it on, wait for it to fill, then you get liquid in a container.