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How to remove a mod that was removed from steam?

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So when the functionality of mods was being introduced to the game I installed a mod named "Fertilizer Maker Methane Pipe" and it never updated but I always used it until it started causing problems so I stopped but now every single time I open the game it tells me "Uninstalled: Fertilizer Maker Methane Pipe" I have tried everything to find this file and nothing i even deleted my mods folder its like my account is just messed up for eternity. any help resolving this issue would be nice I'm on Mac OS X

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Go to your folder/documents/Klei/ONI and there is the folder mods. 

The folder of the mod should aready be empty or even removed. If not, you find it in the steam-folder inside the mods folder.

More important is the mods.json file. Open it with a text editor you like, and search for your mod. 

It should look like this:

      "label": {
        "distribution_platform": 0,
        "id": "NAMEOFMOD",
        "version": 123456789,
        "title": "NAMEOFMOD"
      "status": 1,
      "enabled": true,
      "crash_count": 0,
      "reinstall_path": null

Delete the complete block beginning with the { and dont forget the comma at the end. Save the file, and you should be fine. 

As always, when tinkering with file contents, make a backup first somewhere else. If something goes wrong, copy the backup back.

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