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First Game, First Try... journal entry (with save) (no advice please)

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Okay so its my first game. Im barely alive. Im on the easiest asteroid.  I havent looked up ANYTHING yet, online.  Just using ingame materials and guides.


I love having no clue what to do normally, in games, and just solving it.  But this game is SO hard to do that in; Im not a chemist or physicist.  I dont want my paperdoll people to die. I love them so much. Theyre so fun to watch and boss around.  But they are always stressed. Not as stressed as me, though.


--> (Please do not give specific advice or solutions. I can always go online to learn the tricks later. But this game is just a REAL JOY to not solve it all, and bumble in the dark, and I only get this one chance to have it all be new and unknown)



Its been 134 hours according to the log.... 134 hours of sweat and struggle. 134 hours of building and rebuilding and rebuilding. We had Ada drown.  It could have been avoided.  Since then, we've had strenuous oversight, and a few accidents that would have been fatal were avoided.  We learned that a cook, a starving cook on the edge of death, wont stop to eat if shes cooking at emergency need.  It was a close call. We added too many people too fast. We had no idea. We were so clueless.


Im trying to get ahead. Im trying to plan. Its becoming apparent this is an environment requiring a lot of planning. But I dont know what to plan. Im like an artist (my irl) thrown underground trying to survive. But I cant plan. Its whackamole or die.  Now, Ive finally hit a stirrup I cant kick hard enough. Weve been breathing our own exhalations more or less since day one, its been a chokefest.  We got some algae together for oxygen, but it made foulness galore.  I realized, algae farms output a lot of foul water. I was in a foul water crunch cleanup for like 50 days. Seriously. And all that foul water? And we didnt understand electricity. We build tons of oxygenators, and then had to stop and look at electricity.

Weve had to stop and look at almost everything.

Its day 119. 16 dupes. We chose poorly at first. One stat wonders. Harder to keep happy. Stress was at 60% for ages. So much vomit. But we finally just got our first plumbed bathroom like 6 cycles ago. It did a wonder for morale. Now stress isnt going to kill us.  Something else is in line for that....

Weve been starving, someone has been starving, but usually more than one, every single day.  We try to build more of the wiggly wood, but it takes water. And weve been desperate for water.  I got chlorine into a room to blast the pool, but it didnt work, so now Ive got it in tanks in a separate room. We tried to manually cycle it from one tank to two, and back to one. But tank one filled and locked.  It sat and sat, and came out clean then polluted. Now we run it through four tanks in a chlorine room. It was a stroke of luck. It works! At least SOMETHING works!

So I found a use for chlorine.  But hydrogen.  Oh man. I should never have built those electrolyzers. They are choking us between CO2 and H. I just cant imagine what to do with Hydrogen.

I hope we find a solution soon.  If the dupes arent scared, I am.  We have to get experimenting fast.  But its hard. We are at 20% work time and so much travel. Maybe its manageable.  We researched conveyors to help, but dont understand it yet. It takes time to experiment, and that costs oxygen and food and water.


Im starting to be able to see clouds on the horizon.  Heat is terrifying. My compost piles and batteries produce a lot. I put the coal engines further out on luck. But my base is barely green anymore its all yellow. And all around in every direction is just more foul polluted swamp.  I just really dont know what to do about it.

Whatever Entropy is, as I hardly remember physics class from 30 years ago, it sounds bad.  Thermodynamics is a hard.  Where does heat go? I need to turn its energy into something. I know that much. But I dont know how.  We gotta deal with heat and soon or we'll die.

I need to make a fridge. We just now researched refridgeration. But fridges produce a lot of heat when they remove it from the food. And what about that Hydrogen?


Oh man.


Well check back in soon.


(File included to share. Please do not give specific advice or solutions. I can always go online to learn the tricks later. But this game is just a REAL JOY to not solve it all, and bumble in the dark, and I only get this one chance to have it all be new and unknown)5dacf4c6b992f_FirstForayOMG.thumb.png.e12680183f5c0801b45424a93c9f910b.png

First Foray OMG .sav

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