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Alternative magma volcano tamer.

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I would like to share my take on the volcano tamer. The goal of this design was to extract power from the magma as efficiently as possible.

It means the magma/igneous rock needs to cool down as much as possible while also not oversaturating the steam turbines with thermal energy.

By dripping small amounts of magma into a large pool of crude oil the temperature can be kept at a stable 195°C-200°C. Then multiple pipelines moving 1000g packets of water each supply the thermal energy to the steam turbines.





So how efficient is it you may ask. This is where things get a bit weird... It is 117.8% efficient, somehow. Let's go over the numbers.

Each cycle the Turbines produce ~2030kJ of power, this equals to a consumption of 2095.8mDTU of thermal energy.

The thermo aquatuner supplies 242.2mDTU per cycle. So the remaining 1858.6mDTU should come from the magma.

However the volcano tamer processes 1050kg of magma per cycle, cooling it from 1727°C down to 225°C. This is equal to 1577.1mDTU.

Thus there is 281.5mDTU more energy in the system than there should be. But where does it come from? It might have to do with this:


There seem to be a bug with chunks on a conveyor where the last chunk in the chain has anomalous heat exchange, behaving as if its mass were much higher.


Anyway, feel free to ask for more details if you are curious.

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A far as I can tell your math seems mostly correct. The AT only supplies 1/9th of the thermal energy removed from the magma (assuming you're only cooling the turbines with it), so you're off by almost exactly 10M, but this doesn't do much for the overall question.

Assuming your measurements are precise as well, it can very well be a conveyor bug. They're known to do strange things thermally while offscreen. This doesn't fit the scenarios described so far, but if the conveyor was to create heat somehow... it wouldn't shock me.



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Thanks for the heads up on the offscreen conveyor bug.

About the conveyor duplicating heat, i have tested it and that is indeed the case. I will post more details and experiments in a separate thread later.



10700kg    wolframite     @ 0.134 (DTU/g)/°C
100kg    hydrogen     @ 2.400 (DTU/g)/°C
1000kg    igneous rock    @ 1.000 (DTU/g)/°C

total heat capacity    = 2.6738 mDTU/°C
initial temperature = 20°C (hydrogen & wolframite)
added heat = 500 mDTU (520°C igneous rock)
expected temperature = 207°C ( 20 + ( 500 / 2.6738 ))

observed temperature = ~366°C (after 2 cycles)
excess heat = ~425.13 mDTU ( 2.6738 x ( 366 - 207 ))

As for the 10 mDTU difference in the heat moved by the aquatuner, it is explained by the heating from the batteries and transformer (5.1 mDTU) + leakage through the insulated tiles between the steam chamber and the turbines since they're made of sandstone.


That reminds me, i forgot to share which valuable materials the volcano tamer is made of:

It does not use any space materials.

2.05t of steel (1x aquatuner, 1x mechanised airlock, 1x auto sweeper, 1x conveyor loader, 2x conductive wire, 1x automation wire).

18.4t of ceramic (46x ceramic tiles surrounding the volcano).

~29t of oil.

The rest is made of common materials (sandstone, copper etc)

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Interesting build. If you are playing in sandbox mode try the following.

I call it the infinity battery.

Use airflow tiles to incase a few blocks where you have a liquid vent going into it. This is where you are going to pump all your excess water.

Surround the airflow tiles with high conductive metal or diamond tiles. (you could leave the airflow tiles out, but just don't let the steam condense back into water or the non-airflow tiles will pop)

This will have a 1 tile space around it vacuumed so no energy is lost.

From here you can decided how you are going to inject energy into it. Either volcano magma, regolith, or other heat sources via rail or direct contact.

If the water starts getting too hot, just pump more water in to regulate the heat of the battery.

To pull energy out, either rails again or direct transfer to a steam room for turbines.


It won't be the most efficient getting energy in and out but you could store as much energy as you want to tap into latter.

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