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  1. Use this handy page. Gives you all the nice info including molar mass. https://oni-db.com/details/hydrogen
  2. I had similar run-ins with the rooms where I could pump all my excess gasses into, if the vent only had a single tile block on both sides instead of two high, mass of the liquid used in front of the vent would get deleted slowly, this could be a new thing since the recent updates. To get around this, have two tile spacing / high walls on either side of the vent or just more tiles of liquid on either side of the vent instead of single high tiles on either side.
  3. Here is an example I use for my bases. Oxygen is pumped throughout the base to the dupes, hydrogen gens will power the entire oxygen system as well as the base if there is enough hydrogen detected in the pipes heading towards the gens. Excess hydrogen is stored and can be used for other purposes. If you had the blueprint mod, I have added the oxygen production.blueprint for you to DL.
  4. Here is a simple example based of my 14 block wide rooms and two stories (X4 blocks per level x2 + 1 block between floors). This can easily supply oxygen to my 28 dupes. X1 pump which can easily handle the 448g of hydrogen from the X4 electrolyzers. X7 pumps for the 3552g of oxygen (52g off). Basic checks with a 'and gate' and two 'gas element detectors' for the hydrogen and free gas filters for both. From there you decide to direct to generators and vents throughout your base, and excess pump into chambers with additional pumps for a latter use.
  5. A concept or variant like this. Just design it around to not delete hydrogen or oxygen. Or if you got excess power production, why not just use pumps that pump into another chamber with some liquid over the vent. Actually thinking about it the image above this, just using gas valves as free filters you can power your generators and colony with, while any excess overflow would be funneled into small chambers with additional pumps for future usage. This would be the most efficient within margin of power usage but definitely in dimensions. When I get home tonight I will make something and post it here.
  6. Could just put several doors above/below or even both on a sequence and create a vacuum to suck out both oxygen and hydrogen into a chamber where they naturally separate, where you can have pumps at the bottom and top of that said chamber. Could purely have electrolyzers above some air flow tiles in a row and have the doors below and above pulling the contents into a room where you can compress forever.
  7. Using 3-5 Liquid Reservoirs in series with a Clock Sensor(62% apart from the next clock sensor with 30% run time) and Liquid Shutoff attached to each Liquid Reservoir in a room with Chlorine (to kill the germs of course). The first reservoir will always have germs at the begining, the second reservoir will have germs from time to time. By the 3rd reservoir and onward there are no germs, but for some arb reason, randomly food poisoning(germs) appear between the reservoirs with clean water or at the Liquid Vent where I dump the clean water. This didn't happen on the "Quality of Life Upgrade MK 3 (QLM3)" but on the last few "Launch Update" versions.