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Presenting: working (!) cryogenics for temporarily disposable dupes

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It's probably common knowledge that duplicants that enter a command control capsule do not require food and that they're basically suspended as far as game mechanics are concerned.

So, since I had a couple spare duplicants I didn't want anymore, but I'm not really into killing them, I decided to... freeze them.

Kind of, if you like roleplaying. What I'm basically doing is abusing the above-mentioned mechanic to keep them having any negative impact on my colony.



  • duplicants do not eat, breathe or have stress outbursts, nor do they leave the capsule
  • duplicants can be safely reintroduced to the colony when you feel like it
  • space efficient - no need for the engine to exist any longer than it is needed to plop down the capsule
  • duplicants can exit and enter even without the engine in place


  • requires scaffolding (in my testing capsule did not generate errands to enter it if there was no scaffolding)
  • requires perking the duplicants up into astronauts
    •  can be reverted upon reintroduction with skill scrubber (see bottom of the image)
  • requires steel, but only 200kg per duplicant

How to build it:

  • Build engine
  • Order the capsule to be built
  • Once the duplicant starts the process of building the capsule, engine can be safely removed
  • Add gantry if you do not plan to build any more engines to either side of it, otherwise build it later once side-capsules are also built


For role-play purposes you may cool this built down. I'm planning on -170 C.


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11 minutes ago, Tobruk said:


The capsules can be replaced by sight seeing modules. It makes it so that duplicants do not have to be trained at all!

Indeed. I have tried this out a while ago, but I never needed any long-term dupe storage so far.

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