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  1. Checkpoint for supply

    I think they mean duplicant checkpoints, not suit checkpoints.
  2. Taming a metal volcano.

    Just a dumb question from me though: How do you connect this into your main power grid if you plan on using any excess power there? I always see these builds using conductive wire rather than conductive heavi-watt that requires special considerations. Is there some transformer set up I'm missing that would allow this to provide power to the main grid or draw power from the main grid?
  3. Gassy moo bait?

    No it does not. I've done this tons of times with the drop off being in an area that was thousands of tiles. It just takes a while for the moo to get to the dropoff sometimes.
  4. Can't be worse than me before I start shipping. Then my storage system gets weird.
  5. Why didn't I think of that? I always just loaded the seeds into a container, then removed them from it's list to move them around.
  6. As I said, if there is a storage somewhere requesting the seeds, it generates a task. As long as the task exists, the pips tend to fail repeatedly to pick up the seeds. I have no idea why, but removing that storage fixes it.
  7. This is the thing that happens when you have the seeds queued to be stored in a compactor. Don't rely on them to knock the seeds out. Remove them from the compactors allowed list so your dupes stop interfering with the pips. The simple fact that there is a job to put the spore in the compactor is preventing the pips from picking up the spores.
  8. Pips are finicky creatures. If your dupes are busy trying to put away a seed that a pip has selected for planting, the pip will go and try and fail to pick up the seed, then wait till next time. Make sure that the seeds aren't tasked to be put away.
  9. Taming a metal volcano.

    I just had another thought. If you have a naturally cold coolant, you could use this to warm it and not use an Aquatuner. E.g. a slush geyser or CO2 geyser. Just run the pipes through like normal, but instead of a loop, you just pump your stuff through.
  10. Taming a metal volcano.

    I just had an idea for a pollution room. Have a shipping rail split it's output to a dozen vents equally dropping polluted dirt on the floor evenly. It doesn't seem to matter much how much match a dirt pile has, it always seems to off gas at the same rate. Tried something like that before with a large pool of polluted water, and it didn't work very well. Poor pufts kept starving.
  11. Taming a metal volcano.

    Ahh, I see. I suppose that makes sense, but that is also why the OP's system has a 3 stage cooling system on a timer. Also, do you use this to purify your polluted water? Doesn't that leave dirt behind?
  12. Taming a metal volcano.

    Well, I feel that if you put the aquatuner in the steam chamber for the turbine, you'll get more out of the heat you produce. I mean you're spending the joules to cool the coolant either way, but this way you produce a little more power with it.
  13. Taming a metal volcano.

    Pretty much "everybody" obviously doesn't include me. All I asked is for him to bring more information to the table as it was obvious I couldn't figure out what he meant. I wasn't even angry about it. That was similar to my past attempts at taming a gold volcano, but they never worked out too well. Always had problems with things getting gummed up, heat getting lost, and no real power being created. Not exactly sure what I was doing wrong. Still it looks like you are dispersing far too much heat, rather than concentrating it into the turbine. Maybe it picks up after a while. Also, the amount of temp shift plates and metal tile makes it still a pretty heavy metal investment, though I never saw the point of that argument anyways. Make it out of gold, after all, you're going to get a ton of it back, right? Maybe I got a little heavy handed with the steel. I think I spent about 2500 steel on the build as not every rail was steel, just those behind the volcano, most were just refined metal. Still, I had plenty more steel in reserve as I had pretty much automated all I could with that before. My gold volcano was 10.3 kg/s at 2626.9C. It erupted 39 seconds every 702, and was active 81.2 cycles every 121.7. By my calculations, bringing the gold's temp down to 25C it should have been able to provide about 128 Watts max. 129 Watts if I go all the way to 0, but I was averaging about 15C. I think my build was getting an average of 90-100 Watts. I was hoping for more, but with the absolute heat cap of 128-129 Watts, I guess I shouldn't complain. Then again, my small volcano should have capped out at about 1.1 kW and I hadn't gotten around to taming that either. I just needed a source of metal first as my asteroid seemed to be 90% tide pool biome... I pretty much mined the oil at the bottom to get all my refined metal and iron I could. Anyways, I have another question for you, how are you cooling your turbines? I see a pipe sticking out which I assume to be your cooling, but I don't see any aquatuners to dump the heat back out into the steam. Well two questions I guess, how efficient is it to dump the heat back out into the steam? Maybe I can answer that one here right now. 10 kg water * 4.179 * 14C = 585.06 Watts of power dumped 10 kg petroleum * 1.76 * 14C = 246.4 Watts The aquatuner uses 1200 Watts, so using water it's 48.755% efficient, and petroleum it's 20.533%. Still, you gotta cool your coolant some how.
  14. Taming a metal volcano.

    Ok, in 3 sentences now you haven't elaborated on how this setup is worse than another, other than the fact that it uses more material, and does not use a vacuum. Could you elaborate further, maybe show a mock up of what this other method looks like? I'd like to feel that you aren't trolling here, but you haven't given any evidence or reasoning to back up your claim, while this thread has a video and several images taken already. You're acting like everyone knows who this Brothgar is and can find his methodology online.
  15. Taming a metal volcano.

    Does he cool it before dropping it into a vacuum? If not then you are missing the whole point of the set up. Who is Brothgar anyways?