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  1. You must be at least this tall to get the joke.
  2. Suddenly it all makes sense D:
  3. I never had a problem with Fallout: New Vegas though.
  4. the shapes of the buildings were enough clues for me to know what was where. Coal generators are 3x3, Ethanol distilleries are 4x3, Petroleum Generators are 3x4, etc. Personally I have a pad of graph paper myself for stuff like this though. I've always found Excel to be clunky for this kind of work.
  5. You know, I didn't even think about the restrictions on pips. Now i see why you made it so large. Well almost, the height between sets is a bit of a mystery to me. 4 high is all you'd need going from top to bottom. One other thing you might not have realized. Pips can plant in stone and metals too. Not that you'd want to plant in metals, but stone definitely. I've gotten them to plant in stone up to Very Firm (80) Granite so far. Have not tested firmer stone like Obsidian or Abyssalite yet.
  6. You and I both. I only learned last month about automation, after I saw a streamer pick this game up for the first time and he was in it that same day, though not as well as I am now. I get the same sadness looking at some of my old bases too mind you. Do not worry or feel it is wrong of you.
  7. It saddens me that you don't seem to leave room above your ethanol distilleries for a sweeper and receptacle to deliver wood. I never have dupes deliver to generators or automated production after a certain point, instead haulers or rails will deliver materials to a central facility that will in turn deliver materials to the buildings. Another example, my hatcheries ship all objects out of them on priority 1. A food receptacle is priority 2 and their feeder is priority 3. Thus their food is never shipped out unless it somehow ends up on the floor (priority 0). Then where the stuff was shipped, everything but eggs and coal goes to a central sort facility, coal goes to a central coal storage area, and that ships coal to a receptacle priority 1 that feeds my coal generators priority 2. Because of the low priorities, my dupes never get involved unless otherwise idle. This is how I manage to get to cycle 150ish with only 5-6 dupes, and how I grow my population rather slowly, while building large bases.
  8. Huge RAM issue

    Do not forget that depending on memory conditions, page file sizes, swap space (for linux) they might be running out of allocatable memory, or at the very least, requesting it faster than the OS can supply it. This could also include swap/page file fragmentation causing issues where there isn't enough contiguous memory for a request. All of these games would force ONI to close, and appear to be a crash, when in particular, this was a planned termination because it could not continue. This would also happen more frequently on low memory systems, and systems with low HDD space. It might be more frequent on systems that put the page/swap file on the HDD rather than an SSD as well, as the latter does not care about fragmentation.
  9. Oh, but if each planting was in a box that size, and then you removed the walls of the box, you could do it. Also, as I said, I think you can do more than that, but I'd have to be in game to view the sight range to get it right.
  10. Currently you have about 6 wheat being harvested by each sweeper. To feed your 12 dupes, you have an area that is huge. I'm just suggesting you can maximize the number of wheat per sweeper and reduce the total size of that area. This give you more room for whatever you want.
  11. _________ _________ W_______W D___S___D _W__S__W_ WD__S__DW D_______D WWWWWWWWWW DDDDDDDDD Why not an area of wheat like this? Probably can get this built in a much smaller area. My illustration is probably off a bit, and you likely can get more in per sweeper.
  12. Huge RAM issue

    Crashing during save data sounds like something locking the file preventing the game from saving. Have you made sure that your virus scanners are ignoring the save directory?
  13. I could have gotten a lot more sleet wheat per sweeper, though having such a large natural area dug out like that is difficult. Did you use shove voles?
  14. I can get mechatronics going in the first 70 cycles usually, sometimes as early as 50 cycles. I've always liked bristle berries mind you, but you missed a food on this chart: Pickled Lice. How does that compare? It's very calorie dense allowing dupes to eat it faster, and works on the faster grill. It also is the only exception that "cooked food is better quality" with it being tied in quality to it's source. It also has a longer shelf life. Btw, yes, Dupes eat faster when they eat smaller calorie rich portions. With high quality food, my dupes often have time after eating and going to the bathroom to spend some time in a rec room. Never happens with lower quality foods.