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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

Here are some more fixes! The official update covering everything since Death Trophies comes out on Thursday. If you see anything buggy on experimental in the meantime, please f8 it so we can nip it before it gets pushed out more widely! 

  • Main overlay interface is more compact and ready for controller support.
  • Plocka uses standard shop pricing modifiers.
  • Stinging eyes decays.
  • Hammer Grip now also works as a combo spender.
  • Apply shop discounts to rise outpost autodogs.
  • Reworked Clot Hammer. (Previously had the same effect as snap talon)
  • Fixed description of back_pedal to match it's functionality.
  • Fixed upgrade highlighting on calm_plus2.
  • kradeshi_barbstorm_plus2 now correctly applies 3 bleed instead of 1.
  • Fighter widget now calls CalculatePreviewDamage on all conditions to account for damage done by conditions (not just bleed).
  • Update advancement modifiers for NPC resolve and resolve arguments to scale more smoothly over difficulty.
  • Fix crash when playing segue followed by a multi resolve_count card (browbeat, rapid fire).
  • Delay speech a bit to give it more breathing room.
  • Prioritize rejig before warp_vial, so that it changes effect.
  • CTRL+ENTER submits feedback on feedback screen, and tab moves between fields.
  • Added an option to leave without picking up loot in oppo_battle_aftermath.lua.
  • bile_grenade no longer damages you if the battle is over.
  • Update is_good social graft flag for those specified from skins (eg. top_shelf, bottom_shelf).
  • Improved the social graft tooltip on the day-over screen.


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About bugs: sometimes damage previews don't appear until you hover over a bunch of things. It feels kinda random, last time it happened to me was against Jeol (drone boss), no damage preview appeared over my side, but when his turn came around, it did an AoE attack. Almost lost my vroc because I didn't see that coming.

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  • Developer

Just added a little balance / bug hotfix:

  • The Defensive argument no longer applies to arguments created by the owner (NPC).
  • Laborers add composure less frequently in negotiation, scaling with difficulty.
  • Reduce impatient start round by 1 for the first 2 difficulties.
  • Reduce the resolve of Influence and Dominance to 2.
  • Fix potential crash with insult removing itself while in the MODIFIER_CHANGED handler.
  • Fix graft limit off-by-one, and make low health warning make sense when installing grafts from Plocka.

The negotiation changes are intended to cause the player to take a little bit of resolve attrition throughout the day. Too many grifters are walking around with full resolve all of the time. :)


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3 hours ago, Kevin said:

Reduce the resolve of Influence and Dominance to 2.

Wow, that's... surprisingly harsh.

EDIT: filed an in-game bug report already, but just to warn others, the new version of Pure Style is bugged. You can’t upgrade the drawn cards anymore after the negotiation ends.

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On 02.10.2019 at 2:12 AM, Kevin said:
  • Reduce the resolve of Influence and Dominance to 2.

Holy moly! I've returned from a long vacation and what meets me at the porch?

This change is a pain to be honest. It reduces flexibility bcause now you cant go for tanking 4+ damage (more often 8-12). And more over it's much hard to sustain hight numbers of dominance and influence in the middle of the game throught a turns.

Coolhead which applies 3 composure to Influence is like meh for now.

Disruptive glandworm is now very bad for all kind of influence builds (not mixed). I know the variaty of grafts were increased so there is a lower chance to get smth usless but...

From the opposite site if forces to try out different approaches.

P.S. not complaining it's just a fresh impression. :D 

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