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Wes Rework?

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All the changes we need is :

1. Remove him from the game and add Warbucks








Nah, just kidding









I'm not Warbuck's fan





FBabIes's Warning:

The poor grammer and design gonna hurt your eyes

and I do not own the responsibility for you eyes

Best regards




We know that Wes downsides are designed for Personal challenge

In DST Co-op mode, his downsides become Other players' downsides


that's not everyone happy to see

even in Single Player, observe in long term game

Wes perk isn't fun and worthy so that you want to play as him


to survive as a Wes, due to his fast hunger consuming rate

he has to keep farming and doing the same thing most of the time



So far, I have a little idea I think that might help improving him

1. set his hunger consuming rate like standard one

2. replace as perk: Hey! He LoOKS like a Delicious Weak LUNCH! 

    a. Hostile Mobs like Hounds/DepthWorms have longer range and higher chance to aim Wes first instead of neutral mobs or other players

    b. a little more Hounds spawn to hunt the Wes because he looks so WEAK!

this can be both downsides and helpful perk depend on situations in my opinion


3. tie a balloon on its TAILS!


    a. allow Wes to tie a balloon on beefalo

        when riding a beefalo with RED balloon on its tail

        nearby beefalo will run and try to attack the balloon, if the balloon break, the rider will be thrown down

        else, do nothing but you can always break the balloon or tie at most 2 balloons on a beefalo

        destroying balloon on beefalo drop its obedience and aggro beefalo...

    b. if Wes try to tie a balloon on imcompleted domesticated beefalo, he gonna fail and aggro the beefalo


I don't know if this additional perk would be interesting or useful ( it is not common for people taming beefalo anyway )





In the end

I think he just need interesting perks that challenging to his OWN and FUN Tricks he can do

then he will be a challenging and fun character to be played


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