New Performance Patch in Testing - 369994

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Gurgel    1488

Issues I have so far (after running it for a few hours):

1. Temporary lockups every few minutes, just like some excessive GC running. Showed up after a few hours without reload.

2. One dupe stopped eating (causing stress problems), with calories just fixed at 4k. Also after a few hours without reload.

Both issues seem to get fixed by reload/restart, so I have not included a save for the moment.

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celest-kn    1
40 minutes ago, Lutzkhie said:

How long is the test branch?

On 9/25/2019 at 11:14 PM, Ipsquiggle said:

Because these changes are made across a wide range of systems throughout the game, we're going to run a one-week testing branch


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avc15    417

Can confirm conveyor strangeness. This conveyor loop should fill up and circulate until the shutoff opens, instead it's being filled continuously even though it appears full:


I can also confirm though that materials aren't being destroyed, they just appear to fall off if they don't have a spot on the exit rail to move into. Instead of just backing up.

I'll say though this optimization update seems like a success to me. This is a 2,000 cycle save that runs at around 15 FPS on live, I'm averaging about 5 FPS better on this branch. Could be my save benefits so much because of my heavy use of conveyors.Which is also ironic because that means I can't really use this branch until conveyors are fixed :D

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Lutzkhie    349

germy polluted water are coming out as germ free polluted water, without using any sort of disinfection, this is probably a bug

I almost thought that the pipe germ sensors are broken but its not, germy water are automatically disinfected when piped through

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Cosheeta    293

So, Klei, um maybe a weird flex, you probably don't have to consider this thing since you are developers most likely fully aware of the ins and outs of performance all and that, by those comparisons I know practically zero code. But despite the odd nature of sharing a random Ted Talk youtube video off all things, maybe there is still something in this that hasn't been considered? If it can even be translated to game applications. Emery sure seemed to know what he was talking about at the very least.

You know how it goes, it appeared in recommendations and I'd just figured, what the heck, lmao.

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bobucles    368

There's a really nice profiling method around the 30 minute mark. By slowing the entire system down, it becomes possible to investigate the performance of a single faster component. Neat!

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