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How did WX-78 end up in the constant?

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Zeklo    16,671

A theory that doesn't really have any backing, but is interesting regardless: Is that Wagstaff sent WX-78 through the portal as the initial means of "scouting" the Constant, but something likely went wrong. Lost access/connection to them—essentially forgot about them entirely. 

The Wagstaff we can play as is a similar iteration of the project but this time just being a hologram/projection of Wagstaff himself. WX-78 ends up gaining sentience through unknown means (I'd like to think the moon to due several reasons)—and the fact that he's still intact. let alone self-automating. surprises Wagstaff.

Do I think this is all true? Hardly. There's essentially no compelling evidence, but it's a neat thought.

It's hard to say exactly what his history is—especially with the knowledge that the real world was somewhat aware of clockworks.

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MrKoopa    1,107

The holographic form of Wagstaff might have been made to see where WX was if WX was taken by Them some time before Wagstaff entered the constant. Did he end up here in this time or over here 50 years later? The twitch clip should be taken with a grain of salt, as it probably was a joke. Like how Shaggy from Scooby doo is a powerful warrior.

It is possible that WX was taken during the fire and Wagstaff was somewhere else. If Wagstaff was somewhere else then the holographic form could be some kind of protection so that Wagstaff doesn't die or doesn't get stuck but may or may not still actually be able to die and might be stuck anyway.

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