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Ice biome? More like steam biome

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Natural world gen at work right there. Though, someone should make a mod that uses it as an idea... Digging into biomes full of hot high pressure gasses is always difficult, so, I suggest a mod that generates biomes full of hot high pressure gasses for extra challenge.

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12 hours ago, bobucles said:

That may be true, but melting it all in 50 cycles is probably a bit too fast.

that biome actually melts in 5 cycles. At that point, you have half of biome filled with water and other half filled with 50 kg per tile of steam... After the volcanoes erupt, more and more water will turn into steam, creating even higher steam pressure. Volcanoes erupt like once every 15 cycles. Depending on when you reach it, the biome might be entirely steam with like 500 kg per tile.
Also, the steam and water stay at some sort of equilibrium while waiting for volcanoes to erupt, because of the heat transfer, while the water at the bottom is like 60C, steam at the top is over 500C and it stays in constant contact with igneous rock that is still 800C.

14 hours ago, 0xFADE said:

melting an ice biome is the best way to get the most water out of it.  Since you are halving the ice when you mine it.

The problem of condensing the biome to water is actually harder than melting it.

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