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  1. you can just delete them straight from the folder C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files replace <User> with your username.
  2. step 1. Start new game. step 2. Pick 1 researcher, 1 digger, 1 rancher as your starting dupes with respective +7 in their fields. step 3. Build toilets in any open space. step 4. Build beds. step 5. research farming. (make sure to put a light source next to research station when you unlock light source) step 6. plant all mealwood you have. step 7. build oxygen diffuser. step 8. build CO2 trap for food storage. step 9. start researching everything that exists in the tech tree except for rockets. step 10. meanwhile, look for dreckos. step 11. tame drecko and feed them mealwood. Get plastic and reed fiber from drecko. step 12. make some refined metals in rock crusher. step 13. build oxygen production based on self sustaining electrolyzers. step 14. make atmo suits. step 15. strike oil biome and dig out fossil. * somewhere between step 10 and 15 make carbon skimmers. step 16. make temporary metal refinery and make some steel. step 17. make some cooling around your base and for your oxygen production with steel aquatuners. step 18. finish researching everything you can. step 19. make proper drecko ranches. Go full carnivore, get rid from mealwood. step 20. start taming every geyser and volcano in vicinity. Get water and power from them. step 21. decorate your base. step 22. make a proper metal refinery with automatic cooling. step 23. make ****load of steel. step 24. dig towards space. step 25. work on solar energy. step 26. work on rockets. step 27. send out space missions. step 28. profit. step 29. get thermium and super coolant. step 30. start using oil by cooking it. step 31. notice that your base lags. step 32. start rebuilding everything to make the base less laggy. step 33. give up on rebuilding. step 34. start new colony while promising yourself that you will try to make your base better. step 35. repeat from step 1.
  3. Its a cycle 1 on a new colony... Restarting the game actually fixed it. Its weird, because I just started the game, not like I had it running before.
  4. Did the devs change speed with which you zoom in and out or am I crazy? Game just feels unplayable, I either zoom out all the way instantly or zoom in all the way... Not only is it being uncomfortable in game, it also makes impossible to select a research on research screen.
  5. Well, I think that you do not realize how little does it actually take for a program to write some sort of log. I am pretty sure that if the game devs remove all the logging from the game, it will not change game performance. So, the question becomes why not? Saving more logs helps devs to detect the cause of a bug. What it does impact is the size of the save file. As someone who could be considered a programmer, I want to say, that programmers add and should add logging pretty much everywhere, because it make debugging easier.
  6. Why did you setup it though that overflow would vent into base? just set it up to forcefully burn hydrogen. I feel like more automation can make it more power efficient. The way I do it is by connecting hydrogen generator to OR logic element that takes input from gas overflow and the battery. Which makes it work when you either need power or have too much hydrogen. Though, I guess, with 100% uptime, you need 2nd generator for burning the excess... Well, it is not the most relevant part of the build, but I feel like its a loose end in your build.
  7. my question is why would you use hatches outside of early game... drecko are just simply better for food and getting power from coal is just an irrelevant amount of power outside of early game. you should take a note that volcano produce around 1kg of igneous rock per s on average. I do run out of igneous rock quite often when I play, even without feeding it to hatches. I mean, there is plenty of igneous rock to dig, but I usually do not keep digging out the entire map as my priority. Quite often, when expanding my base, I end up digging through swamp biome, ice biome, etc, which are pretty lacking in igneous rock. Playing on Oassise especially, feels like I am never going to dig any igneous rock outside my starting biome, because I will expand in all the sand around me and will get enough building space from it. Honestly, I am surprised how many people use hatches in their base builds... I mean, they are okay if you are okay with feeding them resources that are hard to renew(600 kg/cycle from volcano just results in a few tiles). But they are just more expensive than other critters for food. Though, it is my opinion. They are not too terrible, but when someone says that sage hatches are worthless while they look to me as the most likely hatch type I would use, I feel like I have to reply.
  8. sage hatches are pretty much the only hatches that one should consider imo... first of all, other hatches have 50% conversion rate, when sage hatches have close to 100%... Also, they can be feed things which you would actually want to feed them-> dirt, polluted dirt, slime, food. As abundant building materials are, they are still non renewable and limited. When I tried making stone hatch ranches, I would easily run out of the building materials on cycle 200-300. Which would force me to dig more in places that I did not want to dig... and digging would waste a lot of dupes time. Smooth hatches are even worse, raw metals are even more limited, I run out of those metals without feeding them to hatches, I cant imagine myself having enough extra to feed it to hatches... On top of that, the conversion rate for smooth hatches is only 75% compared to proper smelting for 100%. So... I repeat my personal opinion, sage hatches are the only hatches worth considering. You could make your pips plant several food plants and let your hatches feed on them for meat... Though, drecko are pretty much strictly better for it.
  9. Also, this is pretty much a dead discussion at this point. I did some testing for branch gathering speed... It seems like with 0 agriculture it takes 10 seconds to pick up 1 branch, walking from tree to tree adds about 5 more sec even though they are packed together. So, dupe, even with a maxed agriculture does not achieve numbers that low. At the range from 0 agri to 33 agri: 0 agri: 10*5*8+5*8=440 d-s labor. 15 agri: (10/(1+0.05*15)*5*8+5*8=268 d-s labor. 20 agri: (10/(1+0.05*20)*5*8+5*8=240 d-s labor. 33 agri: (10/(1+0.05*33)*5*8+5*8=191 d-s labor. And yes, I did multiply 5 by 8, not by 7, because the dupe tends to move around the first and last tree. I believe, in range 15-20 agri is the most likely skill level when you are starting the production. So... A dedicated farmer can handle 90 domestic trees or iff we go wild trees... about 360 trees. With 600s work time... 3/4 of that with 450s.
  10. I believe that at some point, klei wanted to make explosions a things... at least, at some point in game, you could through some weird shenanigans cause an explosion that would kill dupes. It felt either like a bug or like unfinished feature that got scrapped... You just needed CO2 at high pressure + battery + dupe and than, by some weird magic, dupe would die, batery gone and all CO2 transformed into steam.
  11. Speaking of sour gas, perhaps, ethanol would be more interesting if it had similar steps to optimize it like crude oil does... Like, when I think about crude oil: oil well -> oil refinery -> petro gen = straight up bad deal for me. The deal is not that terrible when you remove the "oil well" step and process the oil you have, which is quite abundant on some maps. The deal becomes more interesting when you look for ways to make petroleum without oil refinery, such as volcano. And than even more interesting when you get access to late game resources such as super coolant and use it to make natural gas out of oil. Than there is a large room to play around with different designs. Ethanol on the other hand seems to be stuck at the level of oil well -> oil refinery -> petro gen. (arbor trees -> ethanol distillery -> petro gen)
  12. Let me clarify, I have played the game since the earliest days... Like, as soon as alpha was available, I purchased it. What I mean is that I did not play during every single update it ever got. It usually goes like this... I play it for a while, than I get bored... Than I remember that this game is a thing and check out new features. The game updates more often than I come back to it... And well, I am well familiar with building fert synth for power. And I am well familiar with slimelung being deadly... You know, I have played this game, before germs even existed, back than, digging through slime biome and letting your dupes live on pO2 from slime was the best strategy. Than, they quickly introduced slimelung, but took ages to introduce any sort of medicine.
  13. I agree that ethanol generates more dirt than any other system we can currently build in game. In my first post, I basically gave the ethanol chain a name "dirt generator 2000". Though, when I start to look for something else out of that process, I am starting to be upset. Looking for pH2O? The process is water negative unless you use wild arbor trees... Which means that either wild trees are overpowered or domestic trees are underpowered. Looking at all other wild plants... having them as wild does not seem to be as of a big deal to me, so I feel that it is domestic trees that are underpowered. Hence, my suggestion to buff them. Looking for CO2? Well, we actually do not have enough ways to play with that quantity of CO2... We only have slicksters to play around with and to support slickster farm, ethanol is just too much... Hence, maybe, there should be a way to play around with CO2... maybe, some sort of carbon compressor that lets you make diamonds out of CO2. Looking for power? I value W or J too little and H2O too much in comparison to ever take that trade. Because water is duplicants... I even value duplicants way more than just a dupe running on a hamster wheel. And my argument was that I could try to squeeze out more out of dupe running on hamster wheel than from ethanol chain. But that aside... I am tired of talking about it. I have not been playing the time, before nerf. But that tells me that there is inherently something wrong with the whole process than. Why would we argue that reducing cost of maintaining the domestic trees would make the ethanol overpowered and provide free water when it can provide free water with wild trees? If you believe that being water positive with domestic trees is wrong than you should probably try to push for the idea of nerfing wild trees to the point where ethanol becomes water negative with them. Free resources is not a foreign idea to the ONI, we have geysers providing water and power for no cost, just build once and get free goodies. We also have critters that end up providing free resources. So, the whole idea of free resources is not ridiculous. The question becomes how much of free resources and the method of obtaining them. I believe, I know where you have lost me. What you think I was referring to with X/Y is the comparison of 2 final ratios of efficiency. My variables have units and they have units for a reason... Because this whole time I am trying to point out error in calculation in the different area. If I was talking about the comparison of the efficiencies, than any sort of Z would not matter. A / B = d if d > 1 than A > B if d < 1 than B > A when ever d is higher or lower than 1 does not change if we add any Z to both sides. But that is where you lost me, I was not referencing that. And my math examples are attempts to try and point out your errors. You see, what you say is that food choice or how long dupe works in a cycle does not matter, because there is a dupe on both sides. What I am referring to is: A= X1 / Y1 B= X2 / Y2 now if we add Z somewhere in there, it will impact our result. And where do you add Z? If X stands for W and Y stands for water. You change food to bristle blossom, changing Y by adding more water requirement and claim that it does not matter. You change how much power we get from electrolyzer, changing X and claim that it does not matter. What I am trying to point out is that you fiddle during the calculation of the efficiency, getting the wrong A and B to compare later. I have spent hours upon hours and typed thousands of words. And every time, I feel like you do not read my posts or do not try to understand them. There are times when I am wrong, but for the past several posts, I have been trying to point out a fault in how you did your calculations. And what do I get in return? I get claims that 90% of everything I say is bs and claims that everything I say is wrong. When I simplified my attempts to point out the error in your statement to the level of school math just so you can see it. You still seem to be deliberately ignoring it and still believe that I am talking about something else. How do I explain to you that changing ratios inside the system changes its efficiency and than when we compare efficiencies, we get different comparison?
  14. In fact, I am the one who tries to normalize this information by trying to give water some value. How much value can we get from water by feeding it to dupes and how much can we get by feeding it to ethanol chain. My argument is that feeding water to dupes running on hamster wheels is a better use of water than feeding it to ethanol chain. I picked hamster wheels, because any noob can place a hamster wheel and make their dupe run on it. They can start optimizing that system as they learn the game and they end up with a better use of their water.
  15. Example 3: We have 2 systems in ONI. System A and system B. System A requires 1 dupe to ran it and produces 400W. System B requires 3 dupes to ran it and produces 1000W. At first, we were feeding our dupes automated meal lice production (meal lice autoharvest time is 7 cycles) than we decided to change it to having a pip ranch which requires extra dupe time to ran. Lets say, 1 rancher can support 4 dupes with food. If we ask a question of which system produces more power per dupe. While they were fed meal lice: A=400/1=400 B=1000/3=333.33 So, A>B now, there are multiple ways to aproach question 2 and get different results, which one is correct depends on the specifics of the situation, lets go with 2 of them: question 2.a: We added 1 full rancher to both sides: A=400/(1+1)=200 B=1000/(3+1)=250 So, it changes to B>A question 2.b: System A only requires 1/4 of a rancher to run it. System B only requires 3/4 of a rancher to run it. So, values become: A=400/(1+0.25)=320 B=1000/(3+0.75)=266 it remains A>B if we dig deeper into the formula of question 2.b, we can discover that applying this logic to it makes it so that a rancher can never change the result A>B. Because, in this application, it does actually become a common term: A=400/(1*(1+0.25)) B=1000/(3*(1+0.25)) We can remove the (1+0.25) from both sides and it does not change it. But the variation 2.b is incorrect, because we cant just add a dupe, a rancher and say that he does not eat food as well. It has different impact on both systems, because it is a variable that is dependent on the other variables within the system. Again, you basically ask question 2. And apply logic of question 1 to it while trying to sell it as 2.b. If you still cant see the faults of your "it does not matter", "it is a common term" than I give up trying to explain it to you. You can keep on believing that you are right and I wish you a good day.