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  1. 1485114050 is a really hard badlands seed if you're looking for a challenge. There is miscalculated pod locations and boulders, and absolutely no seeds of any kind in the starting biome. All buried items are muckroot or hatch. I went up to four dupes and was surviving entirely on muckroot until I was able to get hatch ranching going at a steady pace for barbeque. I had to dig up every last muckroot (and there is a lot due to there being no seeds), and even go to a neighboring ice biome for wild wheat and rust biomes for tofu until I was able to get a large enough hatch farm going full bore. Another interesting thing is that the starting location is really close to the oil biome at the bottom, and there is easy access to lead that isn't too hot, so you don't have to refine metal prior to getting oil.
  2. [Game Update] - 359645

    Yeah I had trouble with that too. I've never launched rockets before but found this rather odd there is no way to cancel the notification unless you save/load. Another thing is that sometimes my rancher will stop grooming a particular hatch for no reason, and I have to save/load. This one is easy to overlook if you don't mouse over your hatches on a regular basis to see the glum one.
  3. Do achievements work with mods?
  4. Sure enough, I always use debug so I can delete POI objects that are in my way
  5. I'm not getting any achievements on steam despite getting many of them in game
  6. Mafic Rock not available for Insulated Liquid Pipes

    so... any news on this?
  7. [Game Update] - 358820

    Doesn't the text in game say that the Natural Gas Generator uses combustible gas, as the petrol generator says it takes combustible liquid? It seems like they might make it take more than one gas eventually.
  8. [Game Update] - 358820

    I'm playing Rime currently and noticed there is no ethanol. There should be ethanol ice I think but the world didn't generate any. I hope they fix, but it's too late for my game
  9. [Game Update] - 358267

    This is how I name files at work. Year-month-day is really the easiest way of sorting.
  10. That's completely incorrect. The contents of the conduit and the conduit may level eventually (MANY THOUSANDS OF CYCLES), but the stuff outside the conduit will not. It will always be relevant and mafic rock is quite nice.
  11. Mafic rock is 2x as effective as igneous rock and is the mineral found in rust biome.
  12. The tame ones are more water efficient than electrolyzer. The little amount of water you start with can support the tamed plants plus a little bit of research to get your base stable for 50-100 cycles. In that time, you can easily find another water source. Klei clearly intended for oxyfern to be the starting method of making oxygen in the forest. With that said, sometimes it isn't that hard to get rust deoxydation going, drill to some algae, or make slime off-gas farms. It depends on the circumstance.
  13. [Game Update] - 355817

    That's incorrect, even if it happens that way in your schedule. They will only use the bathroom on breaktime once they reach a certain theshold (I think 60% bladder but I'm not sure). The problem is they reach the bladder threshold in the middle of their meal and drop their food to use the bathroom before finishing the food. Then they sometimes return (if they are below the hunger threshold), grab different food and finish eating. I've been observing this behavior for a long time and it is annoying. For the hygiene blocks, they seem to use the bathroom at a lower threshold so by putting hygiene first, they always go about things in the correct order.
  14. [Game Update] - 355817

    Yes, but they will often try to eat first and leave half a meal on the ground, and then go grab new food afterward and finish eating. We are trying to prevent that.
  15. [Game Update] - 355817

    To tasks being blocked, I wonder why this would be considered very harmful? To me, even a few lost seconds are more than made up for by the increased efficiency of the downtime. Most of the "running a few seconds towards a task" is taken up while washing hands and exiting the lavatory, and whatever tasks were blocked will be taken up very quickly thereafter if you have enough dupes. I haven't noticed anyone dropping food but it could be due to the long commute times you have or some bug with a certain type of food where they pick up more than they can eat. I have recently tried a game on ravaging hunger and nobody dropped any food after finishing their meals. If they come back too late, this is where you can make things more efficient with tubes to speed return for break-time, or otherwise make the break-time longer. Long atmo-suit excursions have been known to cause some of my dupes to miss break-time entirely and only eat when they begin to starve, which was quite annoying, but there are ways to address it.