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  1. How does using bridges speed up conduction?
  2. [Game Update] - 391330

    I was just a teenager, but from my memory Windows Vista didn't last very long at all. We had it installed for maybe a few years and then went to Windows 7. Vista users must make up a VERY small percentage of computers now. 0.16% market share in 2019 is what I'm seeing on a random website I googled
  3. [Game Update] - 389761

    I did some research on how accurate steam achievements, and I believe it's very accurate except for games that didn't always ship with achievements enabled, but added them later. I think ONI fits into this, as I don't believe it always had achievements. Anyone who bought the game, and put it down for good or ended up installing mods (thereby disabling achievements in Steam) before the achievements were released won't be counted. As such, I don't think the numbers for ONI are all that relevant, considering how much attention and players the game was attracting before those achievements were added.
  4. [Game Update] - 389761

    How so? I know if you have mods installed steam achievements don't register, but I doubt people would not create a bed and toilet before installing mods. I'm inclined to believe thats accurate.
  5. I think kilns work too. Any machine that builds up heat with operation while also not having an overheat temperature where it breaks. If in a vacuum, the machine will keep heating up until whatever its composed of turns to liquid.
  6. [Game Update] - 389761

    Well, if you go by the steam achievements, most people who buy this game don't even bother to start it up. Only 34.4% of players bothered to make a toilet and a bed. Only 13.5% of players make a base that lasts 100 cycles and only 8.2% of players make it to the oil biome. We're a pretty small bunch. However, people are starting up ONI all the time and there is a small but active community on Twitch because people keep firing it up for the first time and falling in love. I agree I wasn't that enthused about recreational buildings considering what we have going on, but I theorize that Klei is pushing out the things they had in the pipeline, or things that are minor bugfixes, while they work on bigger and more important things. I'm confident that includes the major glitches and probably also a DLC of some kind. I just hope the glitches get fixed before the DLC, but I understand they may need to make more funding for this game via DLC to justify game engine rework to patch out some of these bugs. I'll wait and see. I continue to play my current base but sometimes it's only for a few minutes a day before I get bored. I think I need new content AND bug fixes. Imagine that!
  7. [Game Update] - 389761

    Instead of "game breaking" I think it would be better to call some of these bugs "joy draining." I like to do math to find out how the simulation will run, but if there are bugs that make the math unpredictable it really drains the joy out of the game. In general, I've noticed the community seems to really love bugs that give them extra resources, but hate bugs that drain resources (such as valuable heat in a steam turbine setup). Personally, I find my enthusiasm for the game drained by either type of bug. I think everyone just wants the simulation to run predictably and according to set rules. Right now, the thermodynamics are out of wack in some key areas and its just frustrating and joy draining...
  8. I believe this short was released to try and drum up publicity for the winter sales, where they likely get a big boost in sales.
  9. Infinite power is boring and bugs like this are just infuriating. The more time I'm spending playing around bugs is less time I'm spending enjoying the game. I hope this gets fixed because I don't think I'll play anymore until it is.Thermodynamics are a very important of this simulation and they are so completely screwed.
  10. I don't mean to be a necro but Klei plz
  11. Odd world generation

    I just got the same thing on Volcanea
  12. I guess, but you can still max everyone in digging, building, plumbing, carrying, and another profession of your choice until you reach that point (assuming barbeque diet, great hall, washroom, bedroom, and decor bombs in living area). There really isn't much point in assigning more skills than that.
  13. [Game Update] - 380770

    @Ipsquiggle Having a hell of a time getting the Job Suitability achievement on Steam. Everyone has been suiting up for their entire day and no achievement 15 cycles later. I'm lead to understand that only dig/build jobs count. Can you please change this so the achievement works for all tasks, including sweep, power (hamster wheel), etc. as the achievement text indicates when it says any chore will work?
  14. Dupes won't consider new tasks

    Just a follow-up... this doesn't happen with certain other tasks. For instance, a dupe digs up a muckroot and they will immediately put it away in storage, but won't do the same for meal lice.