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Hey Grifters,

Here are a couple of fixes for issues that cropped up overnight. Thanks for all of your feedback / bug reports!

  • Fix ai_bandit_goon2_attack1 PinOwnedCard crash when the attack also kills the target player.
  • Fix buster. (DEFEND not passing the correct parameter to RemoveCondition -- is a card/condition, not Attack).
  • Fix Hanbi giving you assassins marks even if he's an ally
  • graft_intimidated (bully) should only apply to positive Composure.
  • sparring should apply before graft_intimidated, because graft_intimidated might decrement the composure to 0, thus negating the otherwise applicable sparring bonus.
  • Clarify that sparring/bully do not stack.
  • Show current composure in NegotiationSlot when being created.  Fixes elucidated arguments w/ composure not reflecting that composure in the UI.
  • Fix nonsequitor bonus not being applied to cards on the resolve deck.

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Oh, I thought the Hanbi one was on purpose. It made for an... interesting ally, kind of a mixed blessing in some way. I wouldn’t mind if more allies worked in a similar way, to sort of balance the extra firepower and combined health you gain. Maybe an idea for a different game.

I guess I will ask too, is the “all-hands-on-deck” effect giving you extra cards on turn 4 or whatever when having Hanbi as an ally also not intended?

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11 hours ago, Kevin said:
  • Clarify that sparring/bully do not stack.


On one hand they are incredibly strong on their own. (really Sparring is kinda insane)

On the other hand it's not that nice to have allies/rivals that does nothing.

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Sparring/bully are definitely the strongest boon/banes I've encountered (yet). The only thing that comes close is Hesh's curse. It's already big in combat, but it's huge in Negotiations, since composure numbers are usually smaller than defense numbers. Most composure cards are downright unplayable with Bully. 

They also affect the defense/composure provided by abilities, I am not sure if that is intended? For example, Bully negates unupgraded boulder stance completely.

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