[Game Update] - 362142

Release Date: 08/23/19

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are a couple of fixes for issues that cropped up overnight. Thanks for all of your feedback / bug reports!

  • Fix ai_bandit_goon2_attack1 PinOwnedCard crash when the attack also kills the target player.
  • Fix buster. (DEFEND not passing the correct parameter to RemoveCondition -- is a card/condition, not Attack).
  • Fix Hanbi giving you assassins marks even if he's an ally
  • graft_intimidated (bully) should only apply to positive Composure.
  • sparring should apply before graft_intimidated, because graft_intimidated might decrement the composure to 0, thus negating the otherwise applicable sparring bonus.
  • Clarify that sparring/bully do not stack.
  • Show current composure in NegotiationSlot when being created. ¬†Fixes elucidated arguments w/ composure not reflecting that composure in the UI.
  • Fix nonsequitor bonus not being applied to cards on the resolve deck.

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