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Now to worry I missed something for 21.8 cycles...

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Just finished the hackiest regolith melter/petroleum boiler I've ever built. It's the first time I've built one without first stress-testing the design in a sandbox world, and I had an odd shape to work with (I wanted to build as much of it as possible in the granite-tile circle at the bottom left), so it's a bit of a mess. It's mostly made out of ceramic, wolframite, tungsten and a bit of steel: I don't currently have space age materials.


For newbies not familiar with the concept: regolith can be melted into magma, then solidified into igneous rock, to generate a lot more heat than you'd get out of the magma alone, (top right). This heat can then be used to refine crude oil into petroleum (center screen) and the heat in both the petroleum and igneous rock can be used to run a steam turbine (bottom left).

Since this minor volcano is the only source of magma I've found in my world, this is my attempt to make the most of it. A fair amount of credit goes to axxionx12 for his design here, which I borrowed inspiration from: 


Probably the biggest issue with this design is that the steam chamber is inaccessible for maintenance. Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea of using the petroleum as a liquid lock to seperate the steam chamber from the vaccuum chamber, but I had a minor issue during construction and had to enter it from the right, resulting in water getting into the vaccuum chamber and requiring the whole thing to be pumped out and re-filled. It'd be 31.8 cycles if it hadn't been for that.

The entire thing was built without exosuits, because I am a complete gorram idiot.







Magma Chamber Thermo Sensor (Top Middle): Below 1450 C

Crude Oil Thermo Sensor (Middle): Above 400 C

Crude Oil Buffer Gate (Middle): 15 seconds

Steam Chamber Thermo Sensor (Bottom Left): Below 125 C

Steam Chamber Hydro Sensor (Bottom left): Above 100 Kg




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