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How would I overwrite a character's file?

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Hello! I'm trying to find out how I could overwrite the character file for Webber with the use of a mod. I want to replace it with a webber.lua of my own, though I'm unsure on how to do that. What would I have to put into modmain?

I'm including the webber.lua I'd like to overwrite the original with, just in case anybody wants to take a look at it. It's basically Wickerbottom -- I wanted to play as her while keeping webber's skins, though I've heard there are legal issues with using Klei's purchasable reskins in mods

I'm sorry that this is such a broad question, I can figure some of it out, but I'm not as intimately aware of DST's inner workings as some of you.


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Do not overwrite game files, ever! Not even in your mod! You will be removing any code added by any of your installed mods, almost certainly resulting in incompatibilities and/or crashes.

That said, if you're just playing alone and don't use any mods which add anything to players, then it's fine. Just don't play with anyone else. You MIGHT be able to circumvent the biggest problems by making sure that your mod has a priority setting in your modinfo.lua which makes it be loaded first. But overwriting files is a big no-no. I am also unsure whether this will even work.

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I have no idea, and I agree with @Ultromanthat it's a bad idea from a modding perspective. Wouldn't it be easier to mod the other end (and again I don't know how, just throwing it out as another possible solution) so that when the game spawns a webber prefab it actually spawns a mywebber prefab? You wouldn't break existing mods and you could go nuts with your own implementation without the risk of being stomped by updates as well while being able to easily revert to default webber if needed.

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