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  1. OK, I'll bite. Compress your mod folder to a zip-file and drag it onto a reply here on the forum, and I'll see if I can figure out what went wrong.
  2. It appears they've changed the script since I wrote that. Now you have to perform a search and press "More search options" to get to the list of forum sections. Fixed! Thanks for letting me know. I would love to, but I simply do not have the time right now. Also, I have never used any of those libraries. Never had the need. You seem like a bright fellow. I would urge you to write up a small tutorial / guide thread about using these, to help others and perhaps serve as a log of understandings for yourself in the future.
  3. I think that's wise. Start small. You can always do version 2.0, and once you've made the first iteration, you'll have a much better idea of what you're dealing with and how you would approach it if you were to start over...and then you do...at least with the parts that are hopelessly broken, because they will be with your first contraption. You'd be the first person to perfectly program something on the first try without structural weaknesses and idiocy seeping from every line You need to write a lot of code to learn why and how bad code is bad. And don't be afraid to start over. You can always copy/paste the parts that worked in your previous iteration, but remember the phrase "kill your darlings". If it would benefit you greatly to tear down some code that you're really proud of or feel intimidated by refactoring, you have to be strong enough to do it anyway. That's probably one of the biggest struggles of programming. That, and naming things...so many things to name...constantly...
  4. I think it might be as simple as: nothing "vanilla" with special crafting tabs is available in the Caves, so why not make the game shrink the tab-list while you're in Caves? Can you still access the tab using a controller or scrolling down on the list when it happens?
  5. Could you have a more Danish-sounding name? XD Dane here. OK, some of these should be trivial, depending on your feature-set, but since you're making a client UI mod, you'll have to get really close with RPCs to retrieve or listen to information from the server. I'd look into some of the amazing APIs people have written. Serpens, Rezecib and a bunch of other brilliant people have solved many of these problems. I'd suggest figuring out if there's a DST modding Discord or something, or just start looking into these APIs and what they can help with, and perhaps reach out via the forum to ask for help in doing these things. It is very important to describe your scope and the exact problem you're asking about, since broad posts are too long for people to assess whether they can help before they give up trying to understand to problem and move on. You have a lot of complex stuff ahead of you, communicating with the server. Unless you make it a server-mod instead, which pushes information to ALL players on the server, instead of it being a client mod. Both are interesting, but the client-mod makes it opt-in.
  6. Just for future reference, the post linked below explains how to make character-specific recipes and making an item like Thor's Hammer which can only be picked up by your character. Deceptively simple. Handling it in OnEquip (like the posts above) gives more flexibility, in that you can ask a friend to bring the item to you, but if the item is usable or equippable, then you could have some complex stuff to handle about who can use it etc.. If your use-case is pretty simple, which it seems this OPs is, the examples above are just fine.
  7. It's difficult to gauge exactly where in the process of making a mod you are at. Have you any idea what you're doing? Does the character work yet? Where did you put this code? It looks perfectly fine to me, aside from all the variables and functions being named poorly for comedic value, lowering the educational value by adding confusion. While I have explained it a bit below, nothing will suddenly make sense if you don't know how to code. Coding without knowing how to code, is like driving without learning to drive and also the car is an armed F16 that is target-locked on your computer and the computers of everyone you give your code to...so you should learn how to drive the F16 first. You can use the Newcomer Post to help you get started. Nothing is "eaten" in the code. The friendsFOREVER function just checks within a range (10) for entities with the tag "wilson" on it. For each entity of the type "wilson" it finds, it adds 5 sanity. It does this using the function FindEntities on the "simulation controller" called TheSim. A function that has a wide array of use-cases. The BFFs function is basically just a middle-man function, which first checks that the player isn't dead, before firing the friendsFOREVER function. inst:DoPeriodicTask is a function on entities which calls a function periodically, and you can tell it how often it should call the function and some other parameters. The toim variable is TIME, set to 2 seconds. In conclusion, the code ends up continuously calling BFFs every 2 seconds, and every time if the player isn't dead then BFFs calls friendsFOREVER and otherwise it doesn't. friendsFOREVER does its thing. The end.
  8. How do you mean? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you by any chance joining your own dedicated server or playing on your own computer with Caves on? Because then it sounds like you are missing some IsServer-checks to see whether the code is being executed on the server or a client. ONLY the server should run this code, because ONLY on the server do the entities have "full components", whereas on clients they just have some "replica components" which facilitate sharing of state and interaction with the server. There are sources to find on how to do IsServer-checks properly, but since I can't even seem to do this right for my own mods, I should not be advising people on how to do it :)
  9. You are correct in all of that. Yes, there is, but people mostly don't edit the original character prefabs. They might make a duplicate character and change the code, but rarely do they change the existing characters individually, as in mods will usually instead set a certain starting inventory which is used for any character chosen by the player, instead of it being character-specific. I am still not sure exactly what you want to accomplish, which is why I can't tell you how to best accomplish it. So, what are you actually trying to build?
  10. I'd recommend this post as a great place to start
  11. Exactly...but not exactly :P Yes, you can edit the game files after extracting them for testing things in the game, but I'd advise anyone to go the distance to set up a proper mod instead. Much less confusion, if you know how to do it, that is. You should never mess with the actual files of the game, unless you just want to mess around or test something, but it's exceedingly error-prone compared to the mod API approach. What I actually meant by "your character's Lua files" was not the character files from the game, but the similar files in a character mod. Any character mod should have the start_inv list in some form, unless the character starts with nothing.
  12. Neat Just wanted to note that you're leaving all your victims with the "scythevictim" tag on forever. Mostly for future readers who might find this post. It could give problems if one tried to use this code for their "aura" (it's more like AoE with life-steal over time), since if you target things based on a tag that never gets removed, you might end up targetting victims that should not have the tag anymore. Also, putting public variables on the owner with as mundane names as _draintask and _drain may lead to compatibility problems with other mods that have used the same exact naming. When adding to a "public pool" of variables, always make sure your variables are named sufficiently unique for it to be statistically improbable that others have already used it. Perhaps a moniker for your mod as a prefix e.g. owner._AAA_draintask.
  13. Start here Should get you everything except the boomerang, but there are tutorials for weapons somewhere on the forum.
  14. That post has been replaced by this much more complete tutorial which includes exporting files to edit, converting them into separate images to edit using KTools and Spriter (I recommend that method, unless you really only need to do minor reskinning, as the author also says, but you'll probably want to get to know Spriter and KTools, anyway.