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NRGFREE-ZER. Zero-power solid-state cooling

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Oh boy, here I go killing cooling again!


0 moving parts. 0 watts.

The energy-free-freezer, or NRGFREE-ZER, is a solid-state cooling solution that requires very few basic parts and materials.

Utilizing a fast switching on/off power modulation (0.1 buffer duration), no power is used. In my example using a transformer, once charged the power supply can be cut and operation will continue as normal. You may connect as many fridges in line as you want before doing so.

The fridge contains one single item, the humble but mighty Vitamin Chew. After an item is placed, change capacity to 2* or more to remove the flickering green/red light on top of fridge.  *(As long as dupes cannot deliver to fridge, that is. Increasing the items stored in the fridge actually reduces the effectiveness of the cooling.)

My somewhat crude testing of the cooling ability (-3.75 dtu) puts one fridge equal to one wild wheezewort.

Overview of the basics: (Transformer not necessary if connected to power grid)






Temps and fridge contents:


Example of practical application -- cooling electrolizer output (built to visualize cooling action)

Gas generated comes in at 85c:


Gas exits at 40c:


Example of impractical application -- cooling an aquatuner

Note that power rating of wire can be exceeded without concern. Again, power supply before transformer can be cut off after operational.


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10 minutes ago, abud said:

I tried it out. Some building working before consuming power :hopelessness:

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If you don't mind the flickering lights giving seizures and extreme lag, you can do this with light bulbs and solar panels too for free energy production.

I just highly don't recommend using it for those reasons.

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3 hours ago, abud said:

I tried it out.

I tried it out as well.  Warning: pausing and unpausing the game seems to sometimes allow the game to appropriately deplete power. To see this, try pressing the space bar repeatedly while your transformer has a battery behind it. I did keep 19 fridges running for a while.

Not sure if save/load breaks it, but this wouldn't surprise me. This is definitely a bug in the power circuit code. Thanks @abud for reporting it and @Blazing Falken for noticing it. I know there was a bug over a year ago that dealt with powershutoffs, but I'm not sure if this the same.  Some other longer timers would know. 

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