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  1. Jumbo X smart kJ waste

    Trust me, I've been down this road more than a few times in pursuit of free energy.
  2. Jumbo X smart kJ waste

    It takes a lot of them and it's very much not worth it other than to say you've done it, trust me... However, if you still want to do it, use transformers and charge them instead. They will put off the heat but lose none of the charge.
  3. Yes. Our thermal woes are effectively demolished, both hot and cold. I'm already at work on a new setup.. this stuff is bonkers.
  4. Storage containers transfer heat with the tile they sit on, so you may want to use a metal tile instead. Without knowing the tile temperatures and keeping them separated via vacuum or other method, there may be other variables at work. Also, for the sake of discussion, debris and stack are basically interchangeable. Edit: I just tested, and yes, correct. Confirmed that the split stack retains the original thermal calculations. I used 4000kg split into 1kg, 3998kg, and a 1kg storage in vacuum on aluminum tile and the original 1kg conducted at basically same rate as the 3998kg, while the last 1kg changed rapidly. Cat's outta the bag, let's get to work abusing this.
  5. I'm not sure yet, but even so, the thermal energy in the stack isn't infinite and will have to be recharged periodically. I'll check later if nobody else does. Yeah, it does make sense that they'd both share the same root bug. I'll have to see if I can rework my design to ditch the long rail chain if it works out as effectively.
  6. I need to refine it and make a new post later, but it's absolutely working flawlessly. Self-powering, power-positive, self-cooling, and cooling-positive. What more could you ask for? To steal a line from Brothgar: "SORRY KLEI, I BROKE YOUR GAME AGAIN"
  7. It probably falls under heat transfer better than interactions, in my opinion. I think why the fridge helps in my builds, it acts as a reset before the rail loader so that all packets are outbound at 20c regardless of returning packet temps. Not much if any efficiency to be gained for a whole mess of automation (vs. none at all). Using this method to efficiently create heat might be more involved. Practicality? It's basically temporarily altering the SHC so this could be used to both heat or cool more efficiently when applied properly. I am working on a useful heating build as we speak. I'm not sure how long it'll take till I'm satisfied with it but as usual, will post when ready.
  8. So I guess I'm alone in being the only person it happens to even while the game is paused and not saving?
  9. ***EDIT NOTE: The thermal stack bug is present anytime you split a stack, it's not just for rails. SO! There is a bug where the stack that is loaded into a conveyor that calculates the heat of the last packet as if it contained the original full mass of the stack. Preheated pills to 135.5c and 135.6c. The first packets in the conveyor are converted to 19.9c and the last retains the original temperature. The first, middle, and last 20kg pill packets and the control 100kg stack are encased in 99,999kg of 326.9c of copper ore. Temps of various points. The fun begins! Who will win the race? Now it's time to unearth the control pill stack. Surely they can't be the same temperature while having 5 times the mass, right? That would be a big fat 100kg yes.
  10. I just got done testing and will create a post shortly after I patch together some screenshot pics. Hypothesis 100% confirmed! AAAAAAAAND posted.
  11. 20kg is the magic number for the conveyor and loader, for obvious reasons. Anyway-- I went back and experimented more with the fridge and rails. Things are starting to become more clear in regards to some rather odd behavior I observed in the past (mentioned in one of my chill-pill posts) which were camouflaged by the fridge > loader temp reset. In a conveyor loaded rail, the first packets will be reset to 20c. The last packet will have slower temperature change. I'm guessing its temperature is calculated relative to the mass of the starting stack. I had used a rail circuit that ran through 350c tiles and pre-heated the 100kg of pills to about 90c, dumped them on the ground, then fed them back into the loader (still showing 90c stored), then activated it. The first packets were, as expected, at 20c. The last, was at 90c. Upon entering the hot zone, they heated up faster than the last packet. Eventually after many circulations, the early packets were up to 130+c while the last only managed to make it to 110c or so. They were all the same 20kg size, fed from the same batch and untouched after introducing them to the rail circuit. In less jumbled words: The last packet started off hotter, but the first 4 heated faster and exceeded the last packet. I believe this miscalculation involving mass may multiply temperature change of a railed stack as it's acting upon, I assume, a calculated mass of 100kg plus the previous 80kg worth of packets. In other words: while on the rail, the temperatures are calculated as masses of 20kg, 20kg, 20kg, 20kg, and 100kg in that order. Sorry for not posting pics or exact numbers. If I have more time later I might make a more scientific study and post, but I assure you this is not a one-off phenomenon.
  12. I put "a lot" of time into the chill pill creation and testing (as well as my many alternative coolers), it wasn't some careless 5 minute misguided assumptions. So this entire series of posts feels almost like a stab at me personally. Anyway, I don't know the youtuber well nor have I talked to him but I did watch that video and I was credited and the build does work. He was right in pointing you to the forums as that's where this concept was originated. Don't toss the poor guy to the curb over some misinformation. Maybe take a... chill-pill.
  13. I do too, but it doesn't always work that way. Still get ghost dragging and bad placements while paused, just not as often.
  14. It used to be a thing only during the autosaving, but post launch it happens all the damn time with every tool. "Ghost" building is at an all-time high as well. Even with the game paused. I thought it was maybe just me and something recently wrong with my computer, but I think this confirms it as a much broader problem..
  15. If ethanol is pumped into a hot or cold generator above the evaporation point, it will leak straight out as a gas (if gen is above evap) or liquid (if gen is below) Completely ignores hysteresis.