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[suggestion] Corrosion

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I have a proposal to develop more engineering tree brunch. So far you need one only for conveyor rail. What if all buildings need maintenance? I will try to point out all the needed steps.

1. Oil refinery produces petroleum from crude oil, but when on source appears naphtha then output results in a small amount of lube (similar to salt  a few kgs of output from a ton of input)

2.all buildings need maintenance. The timer between max maintenance should be shortened by high heat. Changed by type of material:
- hardness extends maintenance timer base time;
- the higher melting point extends the timer base time.
Shorten in contact with corrosives - oxygen, chlorine, bleach stone, oxylite, saltwater, steam. Depends on level of oxidant.

3. For maintenance, an engineer needs lube for mechanical buildings or nails and duct tape for low tech like outhouses. Those tolls nails and lube are used in exchange for resetting maintenance timer to base timer.

4. Building to make tools, medical tools, nails, duplicant's hats etc - workshop

5. When maintenance timer reaches zero buildings receive corrosion damage. As a result of this kind of damage, 0.1% of damaged material should turn into corroded material: 1 ton of copper into 1 kg of copper ore, 1 ton of iron into 1 kg of rust, one ton of outhouse material into 1 kg of the rotten pile..

6 Corroded material stays onto a building.and could be manually cleaned. Cleaning drops that corroded material from building ono the floor., but fixing building do not clean it. Rust accumulates.

7. When the amount of corroded material exceeds 1% of buildings material it is impossible to do maintenance without cleaning corrosion in first.

Molecular forge could make a molecular acid. Highly corrosive makes things melt. or turns into chlorine and hydrogen. I.e. 1 kg of molecular acid turns into 500g of hydrogen, 500g  chlorine and adds 50 BTU to both.

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Depends on a player level. Yesterday I started Aridio map and after 38 cycles I dig out cold slush geyser. I lost motivation to further playing because for this map it is game over - game won. And about "tiring and annoying" I would like to know your opinion about making a bleach stone. Making rust is the same type of mechanics.

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Just a passive maintainance is a bad idea. It will just take up time until you reach a point dupes will just run around fixing stuff. Not to mention buildings that you don`t have normal access to like enclosed pumps.

But rust overall is an interesting concept. We don`t have a way to renew it. Maybe certain situations could cause corrosion like chlorine atmosphere arounf. It would produce a "corrosive atmpsphere" warning and the building would eventually need to be "fixed" producing some rust along the way.

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