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My dupes are idling and I no idea why

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I'll put my save file down:


Let me lay down what happened in my third gameplay today:
So I decided to make a new base and things were doing fine. Then cycle 25 happened and the dupes began idling. I tried to put them on cooking duty but I might have a idea on what happened:

I put high priority on putting coal in a bin next to the generator and then the dupes would only focus on that. I put it on low priority and when the dupes still focused on the bin, I destroyed it. dupes idled by that point instead of focusing on research and other tasks.

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I loaded it up and don't see any issues.  Dupes are going idle because there is no work queued for them.  

BTW, you have your bottle emptier set to autobottle, so you have dupes taking water from the pitcher pump and delivering it over and over.  If this is intentional for training, just ignore me.

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I checked your file, but I didn't understand where the confusion comes from. They idle because nothing to do.

8 minutes ago, minespatch said:

instead of focusing on research

But you're short on electricity for super computer which killing off errand in there. Current research didn't need novice research point anymore so no errand made in research station.


Check errand tab for anything you expect them to be. For example if you expect them to be on super computer. I took liberty adding one more hamster wheel so it can be operated.



Catalina and max not idling, they still doing another job.


Tips: Build many container or storage pit with priority 1 for idle dupes. Or even better, hamster wheel gym.

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