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The lag toward the end game is terrible.  I have a pretty decent computer and I can barely get 10 frames out of it once I reach around 400 cycles.  I saw some other people's posts claiming that the game only runs on one cpu core and ignores the rest, creating an overload and therefore massive lag. (I'm not much of a computer guy so pardon the lack of appropriate jargon).

I was just wondering if there was some way to fix the lag, not "play the game this way" or "avoid critters"(tired of hearing that, I like critters).  My point is, I, and others, shouldn't have to play a "certain way" to avoid frustrating lag.

I would be overjoyed if there wasn't any new content or bug fixes but instead all attention was focused on fixing the lag issue so everyone can play late game, not just those with supercomputers.

This post may sound passive-aggressive but I assure you it is not.  I love Klei and I love Oxygen Not Included.  Just would like to get past liquid oxygen without my game exploding :)

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> You can start a new world with 1/4 map size. If you want to do that, search for "ONI how to change map size"

> Install a new system with the fastest single core cpu clock speed on the market and large cpu l1 l2 l3 cache sizes.

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51 minutes ago, babba said:

> You can start a new world with 1/4 map size. If you want to do that, search for "ONI how to change map size"

> Install a new system with the fastest single core cpu clock speed on the market and large cpu l1 l2 l3 cache sizes.

Paint everything with neutronium!

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Good suggestions but they require me to alter the "standard" ONI experience.  I'm more suggesting to alleviate some of the frustration to those that don't go to the forum and don't know how to paint neutronium everywhere.  Also, I don't have a lot of money, and a lot of others don't too, so I can't go out and buy a special cpu just to run ONI.  There needs to be work done that will fix the problem without players either throwing money at it or altering the game by "cheating" as some would call it.

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I have just upgraded from i5-3570k to Ryzen 5 3600 and got zero performance gain, GTX 1080 / 1440p@165Hz. The Ryzen is not even running its' cores at maximum frequency even near. The fastest core speed is around 3300MHz while it can reach 4000MHz all core. 100 cycles pretty simple base down to 60 FPS already.

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A 2017/2018/2019 single cpu core which runs at +5GHz and doesnt share much cache resources works best with ONI.

AMD cores often have a twin die cpu layout and share certain resources like caches in pairs or quads.

If one does an informed buy on a 2018 Intel board for $50 and a high clock excellent single-core performer with large l1 l2 l3 caches for $50, Bobs your uncle.

Other great ONI performers are the "old" 6700k 7700k 8700k 9700k, Ive got them all. Ensure that no thermal barrier is reached with one core running at full blast turbo clock speed. Throw the PC case away, water cooling or a few kilo heavy air cooler + metal liquid on the die for high single core clock rate at 5-6 GHz and Fannys your auntie.

ONI can run double the speed compared to your system. No offense, stay happy my friend :)

If you would like to found out more, there is posts of mine on CPU stuff from 2018 in the forum. Forget the graphic card, its nearly plays no role in ONI. A fast single core turbo clock system will also greatly enhance the run speed of +50% of all games on the market, more cores are good to feed the gpu(s) for other graphic card dependent games.

I'm glad AMD cpu`s in general got much better, we waited so many years...It's superb that Intel gets a blast from AMD after nearly 2 decades.

I do understand the frustration of players ( which includes me ). Hopefully, we see further game stuff running stable and efficient on multiple cores. :confused:

Anyways, need to sink some ships now in WorldofWarships !

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Thanks a lot for the information! Might build an ONI PC some day if things don't change much regarding this single thread bottleneck, which they rarely do after launch. Didn't realize even Zen2 would be so bad with ONI. I still don't quite understand why not even the one core that has the simulation thread is running only 3,4GHz instead on 4,1GHz that it can boost up to. Guess I won't anytime soon as I don't have any idea about other bottlenecks such as the caches you mention.

This "upgrade" fortunately cost me only 100€ if i can sell the old board+ram+cpu, 200€ if not as I managed to loan a mobo and some 2x8GB 3200MHz DDR4.

Gotta save some money for a big upgrade first.

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Your welcome my friend @heze. When I started ONI the first time I was like "Uhhh ohhh" on a zillion core rig, I know the frustration.

Every few years I also play Factorio hardcore for a few weeks BTW.

This is the CPU single thread table which counts most: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html

You've got a good performing CPU in single threading, please check your clock speed the core ONI is running on. Make sure nothing else runs on other cores ( to avoid further cpu heat ), just have ONI running. The developers have in 2019 added some navigation calc stuff on to a 2nd or other cores, I'm currently not up to date with the details as I mainly played ONI hardcore in 2018. Hopefully, I will take time for ONI in this winter.

Perhaps you can provide some screenshots of the task manager or some pc hardware software on your core(s) celsius temperatures? If too hot, remove the pc case and if you like approach pro cpu cooling ( if not already existing ).

Check on the AMD website what the max turbo clock speed on a single core can be. Tweak your system if you currently do not get to that core clock speed. Also for anybody else - Try to get to 4GHz, 5GHz or 6GHz on a single core.

You write that you are on 3.4 - If you can get to 4.1GHz it will yield you 20% more frame rate :p

Screenshot at the bottom ( running the game at max frame rate on 1 core ), it's from my dedicated ONI system in 2018. Make sure the ONI core doesnt get too hot and get it to the maximum stable clock rate.

Other little ONI bits from the past

See this ( short snippet to visually understand dupe/critter navigation )

Thanks to


See this

I'm a nutter which also used to play on a 16x times larger ONI map size with something like a million tiles.

I stopped playing on that map as an ONI update broke my 80 connected pipe refineries in the map.

ONI cpu calculates every tile interaction. So imagine a large chess board with hundred thousand(s) of tiles, that is where the cpu computing power goes.

Wishing you a nice time with ONI :D


My legendary automated mushroom farm in 2018 with over 200 dupes, filled entire screens ( achieved without using debug ).


my oni system.png

Wheelchair for the win !!!

Square wheels for everyone


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Idle system


CPU-Z bench ran, first all core, then single core test in ryzen master histogram



CPU-Z all core 4GHz stress test temps just fine, NH-D15 cooling the CPU with no trouble


Grande Finale; ONI running on 67 cycle simple colony 60-70 FPS (165Hz display)5d4d89b43f9af_04oniingamescreenshot.thumb.jpg.38951bc496442d70ce5835f4fc2e15b1.jpg

And the highest clocked core is 3,5GHz:


This is quite fine still but reaching 150 cycles tends to drop FPS so low that I lose interest in playing and start a new colony. I have never reached space due to this and being unskilled player to get to space with small colony. :p

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Hey @heze, thanks for all the tech screenshots and details.

The Noctua nhd15 air cooler is a great one :)

If you are interested, you could try to get to the 4.1 GHz your cpu could do.

At least starting with a 3rd core the GHz goal should be towards 0 zero GHz on other cores, besides the ONI core running at max rate of 4.1 GHz. ONI probably will try to allocate a further core for path navigation calculation, so maybe have a few 100 MHz on a 2nd core. Looking at your screenshots GHz/MHz it doesnt make sense anyway, perhaps use further software to find out what the real GHz clock speeds are on your cores and what is really going on. Please check out my above Intel screenshot in my first post which shows the true i7 7700k Turboclock Speed ( Win10 Taskmanager, nothing special ).

As mentioned I am not up to date with ONI`s multicore support effort. I still believe its little of what is handed on to another core.

If you reach the stock factory 4.1 GHz on one core, your core1 probably will also increase another 10-20 celsius in temperature.

You would have to mess with the AMD game mode and read and find stuff on how to identify what is running on your other cores and to get to the point where nearly nothing runs on other cores, to get the max clock rate of 4.1 on the ONI core ( Operating systems don't take much core loads anymore nowadays, with Intel Win10 I have 2% Win10 OS cpu load running together on the ONI core ). There is lots of hardware and software layer stuff which interacts with each other for core load distribution and it is sometimes hard to determine what is virtual or hardware, however with Intel one only needs to sort out cooling and Turboclock stuff and it just works out of the box. If you want to mess with your system, let us know if you managed to get ONI running with 4.1 GHz on your CPU :)

With a good board, high single core turboclockrate vcore messing and super cooling ONI can run at 6 GHz on a core - Which has a great impact on to the FPS.

Im also a huge AMD fan, but I haven't had any AMD cpu`s since years Im afraid.

The developers know about the problems, the multicore challenges are always the same since 20 years.

It's hard to allocate game stuff on to other cores without making the game unstable and freezing/crashing the system.

Good luck and all the best from me !

Your shot:


Intel Turboclock Speed, ONI runs at permanent 5.37 GHz on slightly modified 7700k with superb air cooling

my oni system.png

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Tried shutting down the other chip and turned off Simultaneous MultiThreading, this changes pretty much nothing. ~65FPS in main base max zoom out speed 3. I wonder if some part of the CPU is being bottlenecked where for some reason additional clock speed would not result in more performance and that is why the CPU does not even try to run at max speed. "I want to believe" that there is some room for AMD Zen2 optimization here even heavy things remained mostly single thread. Would love to see at least one core running at max speed.

Here's when I set ONI.exe affinity to just one core, here I get 20-30 FPS but that core is running at 4,1GHz yay!


With two cores for ONI.exe: no longer max speed for any core and 50FPS, those dips are me alt+tabbing.


The Phlegm-Coated Cosmos.zip

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