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Here's my 6th base (that's worth looking at). It's funny, I abandoned it because I debug spawned a cool steam geyser and used O2 to get rid of the surrounding tiles. What's bad about that? Some of my precious food rotted. Anyhoo here you go:












Two last things, I have that statue instead of a plant because at the time you couldn't use a plant for a great hall, and like a comment below that is nice i guess idk im tired and i whatever


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You need to make bathrooms one way only.  Unless you have made the backdoor a non-exit, your dupes can leave the bathroom from the back door without washing up; this will spread germs.

Or make it so they can't use that ladder near the backdoor to go to another floor...thats prob a better idea if you plan to dump PW and a compost heap there.  But getting rid of the ladder that allows a dupe to climb up to the great hall is a must.

You are improving with the layout, but next base you may want to think about the pathing more.  Try to consider how the dupes navigate the base and arrange it so that they don't travel more than they need or where you don't want them to.

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Small tip about dups free time. So after shift they go to the bathroom. After, they grab food and eat in great hall, aftet that they go to sleep, wake up, take shower and go to work. 

When you have that in mind it is easier to plan base layout to shorten dups travel. ( it is better to keep showers next to bed than next to toilet, great hall would be centre of base, toilets needs to be easy accessible - not at the end of base etc)

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I dig the straight lines and blocky rooms; that's how I build too.  However, I like to build most of my rooms 16x4 for max size; so you could fit 3 toilets, 3 sinks, and 2 showers in a single bathroom.  It's a crowded room, but it keeps in the germs and has high through-put.

It looks like you're not getting much use out of your central firepole since the focus of your room building seems to have shifted to the left and those rooms use a different ladder.  I would also recommend having a ration box in a pool of trapped CO2 near the great hall because the sterile atmosphere keeps food fresher longer.

Only 17 cycles in, but it was off to a pretty good start; it's not half filled with polluted oxygen either!

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