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  1. rapid ice melter

    What about using kilns instead of space heaters? They output 20kDTU/s instead of 18 and produce 100 kg chunks of hot material.
  2. There's a saying, something like "every idea has been had before, it's about how you own it." And this one is indeed a bit different as it's visually striking and uses a 'drift chamber' for cooling. The symmetry is pretty good as a 12x12 pyramid, but the wall heights of the sides are a bit inconsistent; starts off 3-1-3 but then goes 2-2-1, and the ladders will get in the way of building statues or pedestals for offerings to the Neutronium God of Cold that lives in the pyramid. As for rating, I would place this as 'okay,' it does what it needs to do, but there's room for optimization. I rebuilt it in sandbox for a test drive and hot water goes in, cold oxygen comes out, and it looks like it could run indefinitely without anything overheating. I was getting around 50% uptime on the electrolyzers, so it could work with just one. It's not insulated or gas-tight, and it feels like a couple of places could use some work. The top gas pump feels really inefficient: it sucks a lot of oxygen into a pipe only to be released through vents so it can get sucked up again by different pumps. Is the incoming water line insulated pipe or regular pipe? If the pipe is not insulated, the water will give off heat and defeat some of the AETN's cold-ness before it gets destroyed in the electrolyzers. This has been a problem for AETN builds before, like this one. The gas pipe after the filter output will only carry packets left because the gas bridge comes before the right vent; which makes the outgoing oxygen pipes receive uneven cooling because the pump on the right has to draw the oxygen past the cold AETN.
  3. End of cycle dupe amnesia

    The odd thing is that if you re-mark the item to be swept it retains its previous priority. So if you have an egg marked to sweep with a priority 7 and it gets dropped to the bottom of the ladder, if you re-mark it it's already set to 7. As for deconstruction tasks, the little 'flag' that hovers over it disappears but the task remains.
  4. Shove vole farm?

    oh, that's a good one. I've been using this pile-of-doors thing as a stable: I'll just say that I didn't have anyone who could mine obsidian yet, and it was my only option at the time.
  5. Regolith through doors?

    Yep. The description for the pneumatic door says it doesn't stop liquids or gases, but it doesn't mention that it also doesn't stop solids like falling debris or wrangled critters. Need a manual airlock or the mechanized airlock to stop things; but those doors won't stop the shove voles, so you should still keep one pneumatic door between the metal floor tiles
  6. I have also observed this to be the case: I uprooted a seed and marked it to 'sweep' from an area where a pip was and the job finished just before downtime. As I was watching the pip entered 'planting seed' status, walked over to the seed, and then did nothing. Because it was marked as sweep, it was assigned as a task somewhere (even on breaktime) which apparently made it inaccessible to the pip. What I do is have only one container in the base able to store a seed type and then make it sweep-only so that dupes won't pick up the knocked-out seeds and load them back in.
  7. which plant is your favorite?

    It's tough to pick just one, but I've got to go with my pal Bud. I was watching the unfurling animation today after a dupe puts it into a flower put: elegant. There's also the Thimble Reed plant. It has a nice 'bounce' animation when it blooms. Close second place.
  8. I found a very pretty view of the shattered planet from a naturally-occurring 'space window' in my asteroid. While I was admiring the view, I noticed that on Thermal overlay it appears very white; so I checked the other views and on Germ overlay it's also stark white. But in the remaining overlays it blends in. Golden Pit.sav
  9. Dupe Fleeing!

    Hassan is 88/100 hp there, so he definitely got smacked by something; probably a pokeshell. The fleeing notifications are indeed kinda strange, I've noticed Fleeing alerts usually happen in pairs: once when the attack starts and then again when the dupe reaches the location where they were fleeing. But I haven't seen too many of them.
  10. The last time I got it, it was after having a dupe walk past an object that still had not been inspected (that still had an entry inside it). I think it was a vending machine in my case. I opened a bioscan door and issued a 'move' order to my dupe to clear some fog and get vision; and then the achievement triggered. It seems to be tied to the dupe movement and not actually getting the database entry.
  11. I think that if a door is set to 'auto' animals won't cross the threshold, even if a dupe is crossing it. And if it's set to 'open' they can. It might be a new-ish thing, or I may have just been fortunate; but I had dupes constructing things while standing in a horizontal door and a shine bug didn't leave the room despite being close by. Or it may have just been random. But if you have hatches, a ladder, and ground under the ladder, then there is a potential for something to be dropped from the ladder at end-of-shift and the hatches might eat it.
  12. What do you think they were talking about? I think it was something like, "You know what I like doing? Building tile." Or, "How do you like granite?" This was one of those 'queue up a bunch of things and then scroll away' moments that occasionally ends in an 'oops' moment. I like that they have the 'new friend' status at the time; that one cracks me up. They're very close friends.
  13. What if you replace the two carbon scrubbers and water sieve with a single gas pump that ships the warmed carbon dioxide down to a slickster ranch? You wouldn't get the dirt out of it though, and dirt is basically food. How much dirt can you get out of it per cycle? Is it worth it in terms of dirt?
  14. Wild Plants

    I've done a lot of pip-planting and wild farms, and I still find them a bit touchy. Farm tiles are just very fast and dependable. Wild plants do require rather a lot of space to be planted. Both horizontally and vertically. It takes 4 times as many seeds for the same output because wild plants grew at 1/4 the speed. 51 sleetwheat is "a lot of space" that's also going to have to be temperature controlled. And there needs to be natural tiles in the proper place to fit it. So if there's a a gas pocket or sand/snow in a place where you want to plant, then you've got more work to do. And you can't plant on obsidian or abysallite. And you still need a pip, and not all maps have pips so it's up to the Printer to enable wild planting. I think they're kinda slow on putting the seed in too, if I can get three planted per day that's pretty good.
  15. On the Consumables table (F), the more pink a food is the more morale it provides. And when a dupe has the No Taste trait that provides a +1 bonus to morale from food, it would be expected that that dupe's row would be one level more pink than everyone else. However, I've got a Joshua with No Taste and he gets +1 from Mush Fry, while my Lindsay gets 0 from Mush Fry. And the Mush Fry square for Joshua is white while the square is slightly pink for Lindsay. I have not checked Gourmet.