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  1. Hmm i might use this CO2 geyser to cool down o2 for my base since it does not overpressure (btw this is crazy - geyser that emit liquod co2 with so low quantity that it change its states instantly therefore if you leave it in locked room it will just build up pressure of gas lol)
  2. What do you mean? Are you loolong foe ways to delete heat ( aquatuner for example) or exchange it ( tempshift plate). If you want to: Exchange heat - everything is medium to do that apart of vacuum. Every gas/liquid or solid tile will exchange heat with surrounding better or worse. Most efficient known ways : gas - hydrogen or ethanol, liquid - water/PW, supercoolant solid - diamond tempshift plate, steel tile. Systems: aguatuner, tepidizer etc. Delete heat (so the ways to remove heat from the world sometimes exchanging it for something else). - Steam turbine, Wheezworth, AETN, -Space - you can went hot gases to soace. Most of the ways and biggest challanges in this game is to careful shift heat from one medium to other in order to delete it somehow. So - cooling something using medium ti shift its temp ti liquid and run it through agatuner Shift temp to steam and delete it in steam turbine etc. So what you are looking for? Are you tryi g to delete heat or shift it somewhere else.
  3. Ah yes "madness spawn" i call it. It made 3x2 picture frames on all my map - i cancel most of them but i'm still finding some weird picture in random places lol. Funny thing is that it completely disobey size of picture so i had 6 pictures on 3x2 sie all start on different tile. It would be great if this can be removed as i do not build stuff on live game x3 anymore - always pause the game - beacuse of this.
  4. Game for 20$ and around i played already 1000hours - honestly? It would be nice to see all those things to be fixes but still the value you exchange 1hr/$ even if this would be just 500 hours of active playing is really impressive. There are really few games that have similar or equal ratio to this.
  5. Yep i have same problem on oasis. No wolfromite and on glittering planet makes taming my 5 volcanos very difficulty.
  6. Oasis is like "you have to know what you are doing" especially due to heat management. No ice biomes meaning no wolframite so no tungsten ( useful of tameing volcanos), lots of hot areas in random places ( heat overlay is your friend and careful breaking abyssalite), farms needs extra cooling etc. It is doable though ( i play on it for 1800+ cycles). I love it.
  7. On a picture above sweepers has access to materials in ina doagonal space. All containers below has jist one material ( pedestals show which material is in there) sweepers above has access to loaders if i want to send some material somewhere else. Water containers are for slime, bleach etc ( no poont to put water in place where is shute as i will first send polluted dirt there - it will fill this square with PO disallowing to emit any other gas there). Clock sensors allow to use sweepers 1once a day ( otherwise they will be usong energy moving evey 80kg of materials instead of taking 1000kg - their max). This way dups has 20t of every mateeial available for them from storage containers and all rest is in the shute. Loader by sweeprs is for materials i want to fully automate ( remove material fron stirage container - sweep errand on low pr. Sweeper will move it back to shute). Idea of trapping materials is to prevent machone to calculate it - i do not know how calculatipn of materials is done so try to find out if i will allow just 20t be available makes a difference. Is that make sense?
  8. Showers in the bedroom by the door. Thats my trick to save dupe travel time. They wake up - shower and are ready to go.
  9. Yeah i use this for my oxygen system but never though to put it in here lol
  10. Awesome. and nicely explained. Thank you from the mountains.;)
  11. Hello, I'm not sure if it has already been suggested but i would love to see 1 tile critter door woth similar mechanic to normal door ( allow animals to pass both sides or limit to let them out or in.
  12. Large transformer can be used when you have multiple power rooms with different resources and you want every power room to supply steady, the same amount of power. Let say you have nat gas power plant, coal power plant, lumber power plant, petroleum power plant, steam power plant- 5 sources. Put large transformer with shut off or smart battery connected to transformer - when every room charge it.transformer will stop working until trans it is empty - steady usage of resources instead of using one or two. ( i'm actually planning to do something similar in my base).
  13. Ok so because you guys convinced me not to bury materials as it is pointless i will just limit access to materials and see if this will make the difference. i made sorting system (quite easy and straight forward to be honest), now will just move materials there and see what happen ( which will take like a month in rl. Btw it looks like conveyor system works faster for me on x1 instead of x3 - weird. Or maybe just my preception).
  14. Gosh sorry about that. Didn't mean to quote at all. My phone has its own life I observed in different place problems with dissapearing petroleum when less than 1kg per tile ( i use just this "fork" dunno why, would need to change it) so i don't really know anymore if it happens or i do something incredibly dumb What you mean? I always thought it will send - left-center-right -> is that not the case anymore?