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  1. Maybe permissions on a door? Also i think filling up soda is under "life support" (is that right?) so maybe you dupes has other priorities?
  2. what happen when you put liquid reservoir before aguatuner and fill it first? Temperature in reservoir should even itself out so when you pump it out to aquatuner it will receive similar temperature of input water so it will output similar temperature. it should prevent coolant to vary that much (although this is not surgical precise solution it should do the trick of getting some more control over temp). Also to even out temperature for it you can put pipes vertically not horizontally and have output from the same pipe. so coolant will spread in insulated tiles across every plant evenly so coolant will give out the same amount of heat to every plant instead of giving the most to first and least to last (as coolant get hotter every tile is in radiant pipe).
  3. Oasis is like "you have to know what you are doing" especially due to heat management. No ice biomes meaning no wolframite so no tungsten ( useful of tameing volcanos), lots of hot areas in random places ( heat overlay is your friend and careful breaking abyssalite), farms needs extra cooling etc. It is doable though ( i play on it for 1800+ cycles). I love it.
  4. Yeah i use this for my oxygen system but never though to put it in here lol
  5. Awesome. and nicely explained. Thank you from the mountains.;)
  6. Gosh sorry about that. Didn't mean to quote at all. My phone has its own life I observed in different place problems with dissapearing petroleum when less than 1kg per tile ( i use just this "fork" dunno why, would need to change it) so i don't really know anymore if it happens or i do something incredibly dumb What you mean? I always thought it will send - left-center-right -> is that not the case anymore?
  7. Vent with some liquid on it is counted as "gas" tile not "liquid" tile - therefore any liquid over 2kg will over pressurize it. Also all liquid below 1kg will be removed from vent to make space (first game will try to move it on a side and if no space will just vanish it. System below has been build around Cycle 100 (electrolyzer leftover) - didn't fail since (now cycle 1833 as you can see) Hope it helps with details investigation.
  8. Hello, It start from right bottom corner of the map. it looks like changing dirt to tile sequence loop completely disregard obstacles and just start covering whole map. digging it does not stop this proces. attached savegame and log file tried restart from before this happen. it looks like as soon i start to use telescope it start to happen. Update: after few hours of playing with this issue it looks like coming back to earler save (cycle 980) and building tiles and removing materials from bottom right corner of the map solve this weird loop. Issue starts with one tile being build due to temperature - after, this action is looped spreading to whole map tile by tile (up to end of the map, than jump to next tile on the left goin up etc) Not urgent thing anymore but i think worth to check why this loop appeared in first place. oxygen needed Cycle 997.sav output_log.txt
  9. Lol i have the same problem with nat gas on oasis. Plus i have liquid phosphorus in there and trying to find way to cool it down on this god forsaken map