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This Update adds a new way of exploration, Similar to space travel in which you send your dupes away to gain resources.

Adding a cave that your dupes can explore infinitely 

One cave entrance would spawn in each world buried with neutronium under it just like a geyser.

You would be able to send your dupes inside to explore or gather materials. Starting at the entrance (orange square in pic) your dupes would mine out the asteroid for resources. Each area (marked in red in the pic) would yield a limited amount of resources before depleting  before you can to move onto the next one. Each area will take longer to get to unless you supply the mine with plastic then the dupes would make a transit tube network causing the travel time to be severely decreased.

The types of materials would depend on what height in the world the cave is in(purple bar) and maybe we can add biomes to this to make it vary further. There would also be hidden bases with new technologies hidden in them that will help your dupes shape the world around them.



This update would also add a new profession (the Explorer) which would be required to go into the cave

The explorer rank would be able to go deeper into the mines than your normal dupes and bring back more resources.

The seasoned Explorer rank would bring back even more materials as well as be able to harvest their own food from the caves allowing it to go on infinitely long expeditions.




New techs:

Tool forge: new building that allows you to craft powerful tools: tech found in mines

Backpack: allows your dupes to carry more at the cost of speed. Made out or reed fiber, plastic, and some metal in tool forge.

lunch box: allows your dupes to take up to 3 cycles of food with them, uses ice to keep the food from decaying. made out of reed fiber and plastic in the tool forge

Super mining gun: would dig in a 3x3 area(still only the ones marked for digging) made out of steel, plastic, and diamond in the tool forge

Super building gun: would build in a 3x3 made out of steel, plastic and diamond in the tool forge

Water sucker 9000: would allow dupes to bottle up liquid that is too deep to mop made from metal and plastic in the tool forge

Step stool: A tool for your dupes to be able to reach 2 blocks higher than they could before, made from wood in the tool forge 

Climbing hooks: allows your dupes to climb up and down walls (pretty slowly) made from steel in the tool forge

Robot mining drill: A big mining robot that goes into the mines would work similar to the rocket in which you have to supply it with fuel and empty its inventory before it "launches" into the mines. would have to be built in the same vertical plane as the mine entrance.



The tools would be equipped just like clothing is right now except with a new ui (pictured below) with a drop down list in each one to choose what tools they will equip when available.


Dupes would have a new set of traits which would include:

Favorite  material : dupe would get a small morale bonus when near things made of their favorite material

least favorite material: they get a negative moral when near something made of this material

Favorite cloths: same as above but with cloths.

least favorite cloths


Gemstones found in the cave

sometimes you will find gems in the caves which would have a bunch of different color variants, they would have the same stats as diamonds but different colors.

you would be able to make light sources out of the different gems so you can have colored lights as well as colored window tiles.


you would be able to make jewelry for your dupes which would give them another small morale bonus.

perhaps you could crush them up into "paints" to color machines and tiles by tinting them with colors.



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