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  1. Cave/mine exploration

    Can be loading a new area with dupes can in...??? as a new biome???
  2. +1 i hope this mod; and yes, the main build, the print pod? is more of 4 no?
  3. Account settings / login

    I could not change the way I log in, I currently do the steam service, but I believe that straight through the forum site is simpler; however I can not disable the login link ocm steam because there is no other way to do this. How do I proceed to maintain my profile + email ... and change / create forum login. I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place, I didn't find where for the doubt. Site say: (You cannot disassociate Steam because you have no other method of signing in. Error code: 1C122/I)
  4. I had to set up a scheme to catch fish fillets when they are attacked or die of old age. So I thought of something that was different so there was no need for automated collection away from the kitchen. I understand that it would be difficult to create the fishery, but the game has been around for a long time, but the idea is here, no?
  5. There is one more thing related to the subject, notice that we have hydrogen generator and natural gas generator, both generate the same amount of power (800w), we do not have intermediate to the next level, 2MW OIL GENERATOR generator? An intermediate of 1MW or 1.2 MW or 1.6MW would be good per standard without MOD. What do you think?
  6. then... not is block in/out gas! to me no!
  7. When I mark several blocks to be excavated, the dupes often dig without a chronological order, instead of little oxygen (or none), and most of the time one starts digging far ahead and the other late, in which one or more ends. some dupes stuck just when the alarm goes off, and all go away and the stupid dupes get stuck (I already had to use force [ATL + Q] or I would lose more than 4 dupes). I would like the dupes to dig (when possible and if possible) in the order in which the blocks were marked.
  8. We know that ethanol pollutes far less than fossil fuels (like oil ...). How about using the oil-powered power generator, but when using ethanol, you should reduce the carbon dioxide pollution emitted, or use another type of ethanol-powered generator. Something wiser.
  9. Blueprints

    can incorpore inside of game code, the MOD if is possible(if both parts DEV/MODDER accept)...
  10. Devs could make a new brick, which already comes with a built-in lamp underneath, so if placed the ceiling would have lighting. But light bulbs need a power source ... a long corridor, it would be very bad to make long space cables in lign space one for each lamp; Respectfully I hate plugging in power cords for everything.
  11. " Middle Mouse Button" is not by keyboard! Is not same thing.... thanks, but i know this mode.
  12. Steam library still running after quiting

    I had the same problem, when quitting the game, trying to return could not because it already reported the process running. And to make matters worse, it had dropped out of the system process list, had to go out and back in steam. And I used steam file scanning, and it stopped for now. Hoping this won't come back ....
  13. save.000;; and save when crash too. tired lost by not save! Any chance to save steam cloud?
  14. Zheah! Nice! And why not, other icons to make it even easier!
  15. I believe you don't have that; A circled room containing only tombstones, in use or empty, at least 4 tombstones, 2 plants, no other object machines. Once every x cycles (x = ?, x = 2.4, ... how many decide to be good), the most stressed dupes would go to the 'cry to calm down' cemetery! Hahahaha!