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  1. Custom map size

    It would be nice not to have to use that though, there are options when creating the map so you dont have to do that.
  2. Here are some options that would be cool to have when generating a new world. Being able to chose what size of map you want when making a new world. Being able to force certain geysers and features to spawn and how many. Geyser output modifier. Option for how often meteors happen, basically the same stats as geysers (how long it lasts, how often, ect) Critter spawn rates. Printing pod rate. Germ growth/spread rate.
  3. Dust suggestion mk2

    An important thing I forgot te mention about this suggestion is it adds another way to get dirt.
  4. Dust suggestion mk2

    immunity is a good idea
  5. This post is an update of my suggestion from before, which I think would work well with the mk3 update germ system This suggestion would add a new "germ" to the game called Dust. Dust would be produced by machinery, breaking blocks, and living things(way slower over time) As with most of the other germs dust will not cause significant harm but It would make it harder to breath, more so than other germs, to the point where your dupes could start taking small amounts of damage. I'm not sure how hard this would be to do in game, if there is another way to handle it let me know; Dust would not grow in the sense like other germs but rather It would be produced in set amounts by its producers and wont go away on its own. It would also try to settle on the bottom of your base. Dust would be eliminated by touching water in which case It would turn into mud(new liquid), with steam it would produce polluted dirt. With mud your dupes would be slowed down when walking through it and have a chance to slip(causing a sprain debuff slowing your dupe down for a little bit) . mud would also inflict a muddy status effect that would cause a moral penalty until your dupe takes a shower. Mud can also be evaporated into polluted dirt and steam. If anyone has any suggestions to add to this idea I would love to hear! Edit one: Animals could make "mud" occasionally. Edit two: Gain a little bit of immunity based on the mining level.
  6. Shower issues?

    The piping works fine as far as i can tell but they only stay in the shower for like half a second then leave it. How do I fix this or is it a bug?
  7. The piping works fine as far as i can tell but they only stay in the shower for like half a second then leave it. How do I fix this or is it a bug?
  8. What i would love is for them to use the contaminated water but whatever it is put into is reduced in efficiency by a lot
  9. Not sure what triggers it but my guys are just constantly putting water into the musher but it always says its out of water. Restarting fixes it for like 1 cycle of the musher work.