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So now Wortox knows some french now ?

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I realized when Warly came out some changes with quotes of some characters like Wormwood examination for rot (from "Mmmmh" to "Not good for belly").

But one thing that I find weird is Wortox's announcement when a giant comes. (You can try it if you want :D)

It was changed to "Clipping and clopping, here comes a stomping" to "A massive brute is en route". Since many of Wortox's quotes have some kind of reference to some song or movie, do you know where that might come from ? Especially since it has french in it now.


PS : I first thought it was a bug, but it was confirmed that it wasn't. (here's the post I made a while back)



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Also...if you think about it, English speakers ALREADY use a whole bunch of foreign-derived phrases casually thrown in without even thinking about it, and quite a few of those are French.  Not even counting all the Latin or Greek based words we use on a daily basis.  So, Wortox doesn't necessarily _have_ to have been hanging out with Warly to know stuff like "en route"...although that WOULD be an adorable idea for a mismatched buddy-cop show.  I'd watch it.  : P

Anyway English IS kinda the language that beats up other languages for their lunch money.  So...  


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I believe the quote was changed because "Clipping and clopping, here comes a stomping" is specifically referring to Deerclops, even though the "giant about to spawn" is also used for Bearger (who does not have hooves). Wormwood's quote similarly referred to deerclops, though I can't remember it exactly.

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...you're not that far off.  I in fact got that line from an episode of "WTFIWWY?!" years ago.  The quote was from somebody else originally (a stand-up comedian maybe?), but I forget who.  This is more or less how the WTFIWWY conversation bit went:

TARA:  Didn't (name I forget) once say that English is the language that beats up other languages in back alleys for their lunch money?

NASH:  (pause, then) ....It truly is the language of America then.

: P

(Mind you, Nash and Tara ARE both American themselves, so this is more like self-deprecating humour than an actual slam.)

Either way, the quote still works (albeit in a violent way!) for describing why we have all these random foreign phrases we throw around without thinking about it, so I figured it'd make sense here.  Heh.


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