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Warly nerf metathread

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Warly's new recipes, esp. those that give additional game mechanics changing bonuses (like reducing wetness, giving additional attach multiplier etc.) widely believed to be overpowered, even more so for characters like Wolfgang and Wigfrig. Seasoning powders, added to Powdercake, also becomes awfully strong.

Even for a solo player playing DST, they can rotate the following characters using the portal to completely break the game balance (changing a character only takes a purple gem which are generally not even picked up for its very limited use so it is essentially free): Wormwood -> Wickerbottom -> Warly -> Wolfgang. Yes, this is DST, so we can forget about solo players for now.

Give your ideas and suggestions here, so Klei will have an easier time listening to us if they decide to do so.

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I actually feel the recipes are quite balanced in their current state due to the high cost of their ingredients. Since recipes like Volt Goat Chaud-Froid are limited by the volt goat reproductive cycle, it will never be possible to use its absurd damage boost with any kind of regularity. It's mostly a late-game curiosity for Wolfgangs.

I think the only recipes Warly can actually mass-produce are Fish Cordon Bleu (with an automated merm farm using bunny hutches) and Honey Crystals (with a honey farm); everything else requires very rare ingredients, or farm crops, which take a lot of time to gather even if you rotate to Wormwood and Wicker through the portal.

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