missing feedback ease?

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apparently there is no feedback method accessible within the game? And apparently no separate forums for balance discussion?

Anyway, roughly found my 1st Krill today on day 2. On the plus side I had 2 pets for the first time ever, which surprised me today having played through the thing 2-3 times and love it so far. On the minus side got my ass handed to me and pets driven away so hard by the krill I will certainly be taking a break for a while from this otherwise excellent game until such a time the patch notes state something about nerfing the krill perhaps or making it's power more relative and/or later in the game.

As a balance sidenote from a player with horrible rng, i would love a card removal mechanic relative to the amount of cards you have in some way. In other words if you just get **** cards to pick from and dont pick them up; one winds up endgame with a beginning of run card set. Thus one needs to pick some less than ideal cards and there is just not enough removal to balance out the risk of taking any less than stellar cards. This means that anyone with bad luck / rng will be forked each time with a dull rusty fork.

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There's a "suggestions and feeback" subforum that works quite well to talk about balance issues.

The opening message of the game also tells you to press F8 to send feedback, which leads to this screen.



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