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  1. I personally like that you gain XP by using cards. Means you can upgrade more cards than in Slay the Spire, which is especially interesting because the cards in Griftlands have two possible upgrades, out of a larger pool, so two identical cards don't always have the same upgrades. Having as few upgrades as you get in StS would be a shame in my opinion. It also encourages you to use every card you have and, when safe enough, go for unoptimal plays: should I use that upgraded Overbear and get this argument plus a good chunk of damage to core resolve, or should I use this unupgraded card that will only deal with the argument so I can upgrade it soon?
  2. Those seem like great changes to me! Hope they'll be effective enough at making the game more fun to play to get to the regular release soon-ish!
  3. If we have every game you guys have made but some are owned on platforms other than Steam, do we have to get them on Steam or can we just send you a proof that we own it elsewhere? I guess that won't be an issue for me since I don't own the Don't Starve DLCs, but I got Mark of the Ninja and Eets Munchies in a humble bundle and finished them both, even though they're not in my Steam library, and there might be other people in the same case.