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  1. However, you have to buy the 60 copies first, which means they'd need a bit over 20 weeks to start making profit. And that's if your estimation of the money they make is correct. You say it's even underestimated, but I do not believe so. Given that most of the items aren't marketable or tradable, that you can't weave marketable items or trade unmarketable items at the trade inn, and that people like this will completely flood the market, eventually making all rarities cheaper, I don't think it's worth doing. I idle on my account, getting all 15 weekly skins. If I sold all the skins I got since the update, I'd get $1.01. I'm not completely done for this week (got all 8 drops, but can't really get the daily ones, can I?) so I'll count it as a half week. That's 7.5 weeks since the drop system was updated. Which means 13.5 cents per week on average. You'd make profit, eventually, but it would take a really long time, and that's without even counting the power you use for it.
  2. Frog rain is OP

    Frog rains are just like pretty much anything in the game: certain !!FUN!! for beginners, and easy to cheese for experienced players. I like your second idea, which I'd combine with another: fewer frogs. By removing herd mentality and having fewer frogs, you make it impossible to use them efficiently to get loot. By removing the herd mentality, you also make it impossible to kill them all easily, which is also part of why there would need to be fewer frogs: if they're gonna be an actual nightmare to manage (either only baiting a few of them at a time or waiting it out, getting rid of them as they come close to you over the days), you're gonna need fewer of them, because without the herd mentality and with over 100 frogs per rain, you'd be drowning in frogs for in-game weeks.
  3. You can craft her if you craft an axe and chop a tree. Adding axe skins would make it easy: you craft an axe with a specific skin and it also changes Lucy when it transforms.
  4. Other Woodie main here, I love all those ideas. I'm nearly always disappointed with Woodie skins because the others get great Hallowed Eve and Winter Feast skins and he gets a Roseate one with an ugly haircut. Better skins, especially if they also modify his werebeaver would be much appreciated. I already love the Werebeaver soundtrack, having werebeaver-specific sounds to accompany it would be awesome. Was not aware Wigfrid's items had skins, but now that I know, I want to make my Lucy all pretty too! And yes, more Lucy dialogue is always good, Having that text sometimes replace the text from Woodie himself would be a good way to do that.
  5. Rework order

    With the shorts they make everytime, they might also do them in an order that leaves some questions to the viewers. Going with Maxwell right away would probably give way too much info, and going with Woodie as the last one would probably make for a disappointing ending to the series.
  6. My friend who mains Wendy has played for 50 hours. Still has trouble keeping his sanity up and if I don't take them on for him, he'll die to Crawling Horrors pretty often. Still can't kite hounds. Still forgets to eat (he died from starvation when Deerclops came on the first winter during our last game... even though we told him we'd need to go away from base on night 30). Still has to be given instructions, otherwise he'll just stay at base doing nothing because "I don't know what I should do". Give him a character with actual drawbacks, and he'll be even more of a burden. There is a need for balancing, true. But people trating you badly for your choice is a community problem, not a problem with the game. If my friend went on a public server as a Wicker, he'd probably be able to make all the people in that server ban all Wickers in every server they make afterwards. And having characters with not much good, but not much bad is not a bad thing. They're necessary.
  7. Same with Wortox: an inexperienced player will just keep getting killed by nightmare creatures. An inexperienced Wickerbottom will have the same issue because of the sanity loss for stale food and for using the books. An inexperienced WX will get killed before they can even get gears to upgrade themselves. An inexperienced Maxwell will die because of his low health. Really, "suboptimal" characters are usually the best ones for beginners, because they don't have any weird mechanics or big drawbacks.
  8. I agree with GenomeSquirrel. One of my friends mains Willow, the other one mains Wendy. And while the Wendy main is kinda harmful to the team because he dies a lot (dies to a tentacle, dies again trying to get his stuff back, then again trying to get his stuff back, then again following me while I get his stuff back), the Willow main is never superfluous. The character is not an especially good fighter or gatherer, but that doesn't stop her from gathering and fighting, picking berries, killing McTusks, farming spiders, etc. Any person who knows how to play will not be superfluous, much less harmful. You just won't have as easy a time as with some other characters. Given that the game is not really hard when you actually know how to play, there is nothing wrong with that.
  9. Cave entrances and wormohole related deaths. Went out of the caves with little to no health because I was a bit too greedy on spiders. 2 Merms and 2 Pigmen right outside of it, I got punched to death before I was even able to move.
  10. On Ranged Weapons

    Agreed, especially since we really need something to do with stingers. They're only used for sleep darts and booster shots. Booster shots you normally don't have to use much. Sleep darts you don't use much either because they deal no damage, one attack wakes up the mob and they have diminishing returns.
  11. Forgot bundling wrap does not appear at all if you don't have the blueprint (which is the boss component I was thinking of). Still stands for scaled chest though, as this one is alchemy engine tier.
  12. So you'd like to put items that require boss components most players will never ever get on top? Seems like a terrible idea. As for other items, I feel like most aren't necessary for beginners. If you were to put the backpack on the bottom of the list, how long would it take people to realize they can craft a backpack? Same with the lightning rod: you don't need it until your first spring. Kaisen's idea of letting people reorganize the crafting tabs by drag and dropping is good. But your "improvements" are only improvements to people like you, and would be counter-intuitive to the majority of the playerbase, effectively going against their efforts to learn the game.
  13. Would be even easier with some characters. With Woodie, you'd already have an infinite durability axe, and you can mine in your Beaver form. Maxwell could be a nice challenge if you can't make puppets with gold tools? (not sure about that)
  14. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    Freezes to death in winter and doesn't have rain protection? Woodie has a beard, inferior to that of Webber and Wilson, but still better than the lack of insulation other characters have. And in beaver form, he's got insulation at the same level as a level 5 thermal stone and 70% rain resistance. Sorry you have no friends and have to play with randoms, but, may I ask how you deal with chests? If randoms can steal your helmet, they can also steal all your belongings... which is a thing that can happen with every character. Woodie can use backpacks, armor and helmets as much as the other characters. When you're in Beaver form, you don't need them, because you're gathering resources, not fighting, and you can simply pick up the loot once you transform back and pick your backpack back. As for being a worse lumberjack than Maxwell, Maxwell needs resources to be able to mine and chop trees: tools and nightmare fuel. None of those resources are hard to get, but still, you need them. You also need to either switch the puppets up every so often or have a variety of them, while Woodie is an axe, a pickaxe AND a shovel for free in his Beaver form, all at the same time. You also can't control the shadow puppets. It doesn't matter much for the miner and digger, but the loggers will chop small trees and dead trees (no pinecones to replant) and twiggy trees (as those drop twigs naturally, there's not much of a reason to chop them, except if you like wasting your time... and since they can cut small or dead twiggy trees, you combine both flaws). Doesn't make Maxwell worse than Woodie, mind you, but he's different enough that both are perfectly viable and, in my opinion, none of them is significantly better than the other at resource gathering.
  15. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    Woodie main here, I totally agree with Multischmu. Most of the critics I see against Woodie are usually wrong. I can't count all the times people say that he's worse than Maxwell because he chops faster but has to eat a third of his haul. If you play Woodie well, there are only very few times where you'll have to eat wood, like when you're exploring caves. Full moon in anything but winterI just let the Beaver take over and get tons of logs and pinecones. That's free sanity, free decoration, and it makes it easier for people to move around. If my log meter goes low, I just gnaw on one of my four to eight forests to go back to human form. That's more pinecones that I can plant as soon as I don't want to farm nightmare fuel anymore. Of course I'm not saying the character is perfect as he is, but people usually see Woodie as a damage dealer because of how strong the Beaver is in DS. He's not. He's a resource gatherer. And a good one, at that. Twigs for days, rocks for weeks, nightmare fuel for months and logs for years. That's what you should have before your first winter if you play as Woodie. If you don't, you should ponder who's the bad one in the relationship. The character, or the player? And heck, he's way more fun to play than most other characters in my opinion.