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  1. Definitely doing something wrong, as I didn't need any speed boost to jump over the bar. Just gotta time your jump correctly.
  2. Can it make someone hate you if the negotiation itself is supposed to make the person dislike you (like in the "collect taxes" mission from Oolo)?
  3. I'm guessing the upgraded version is actually useful?
  4. I tend to do the opposite. If you don't help Plocka, her grafts cost 500 shills... and I buy at least two grafts from her every game. Sure, that means I can't ever get rare cards from the person I piss off, but I usually don't need them. I'm only at prestige 4, though, don't know if it's still viable at higher prestige levels.
  5. You can also get it as a beginning of run choice. Would be nice to be able to gain one during a run (maybe as a secondary choice with Plocka: you can remove cards or buy some with the other two, you could maybe buy a graft or a graft emplacement with her, for 400 shills or so?), although there have not been many times I would have had a use for it (I often have a useless or semi-useless graft to sacrifice if needed).
  6. Fatigue triggers way too early

    Would ruin fatigue for me. Most cards in the game are cards with a cost of 1. There are cards with a cost of 2 or 3, but also some with a cost of 0 and evoke cards. Turns where I play fewer than 3 cards are very rare. You also have several occasions to gain action points (grafts, cards), so wplaying 18 cards would often take fewer than 6 turns. You might be able to make it better by having only non-upgraded cards count, though.
  7. I don't think so. You do get some shills when you kill someone, and sometimes items when you kill monsters, but I have not noticed any difference in the cards you get.
  8. If it's a quest, well, that's your fault for choosing one with combat when you don't want to fight. I don't believe you can quit the quest, however, if you're playing on the experimental build, you can run away from the fight (unless it's a storyline quest).
  9. Fatigue triggers way too early

    Plus, even if you do take more than 6 turns and thus get fatigued, it's not like it has a terrible effect. You just won't gain more XP this fight/negotiation. You've still got 10 to 20 XP per fight (considering you might use already upgraded cards and have more than 3 action points), which is more than enough to upgrade every important card in your decks.
  10. missing feedback ease?

    There's a "suggestions and feeback" subforum that works quite well to talk about balance issues. The opening message of the game also tells you to press F8 to send feedback, which leads to this screen.
  11. From what I've seen, while the negotiation seemingly stops as soon as the core resolve is down to 0, the whole turn is processed anyway and you gain all bounties that you would have gained. Look at how much money they add. I do agree for followers, though, as they will sometimes wreck the opponent before you can do anything, meaning that in this specific case, you can't get bounties.
  12. J'ai rien à prouver à un lama. Jokes and guessing-work on their coding skills aside, it is clear to anyone who's ever seen a fan community for a video game that giving up on a game and just making a sequel while leaving the previous one full of bugs is never the thing to do if you want your studio to be successful. There are lots of games available, with tons of them very good. If a studio has betrayed the trust of its fans, they have plenty of other games they can try instead, never having to look back. Which means OP's suggestion is not a wise one.
  13. So when something is broken, your first reaction is to just leave it broken and start again from scratch while making first-time buyers pay for it again? Please remind me to never buy something you've made. Ever.
  14. I personally like that you gain XP by using cards. Means you can upgrade more cards than in Slay the Spire, which is especially interesting because the cards in Griftlands have two possible upgrades, out of a larger pool, so two identical cards don't always have the same upgrades. Having as few upgrades as you get in StS would be a shame in my opinion. It also encourages you to use every card you have and, when safe enough, go for unoptimal plays: should I use that upgraded Overbear and get this argument plus a good chunk of damage to core resolve, or should I use this unupgraded card that will only deal with the argument so I can upgrade it soon?
  15. It is intuitive to anyone who knows how gates work in pretty much every place that uses them. NOT "more than 10" is "10 or fewer". Otherwise, 10 would not be included anywhere.