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Hey Grifters!

This is just a quick hotfix for last night's update. It addresses a couple of progression stoppers and crashes that cropped up. Thank you for your help in finding these, and sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Heavy handed and variants should trigger OnBounty.
  • Fix inequality check on Enhanced Heavy Handed.
  • Overbear shouldn't trigger for inceptions.
  • Fix crash with very_convincing spawning Setup.
  • Fix potential crash with hover_fighter with no entity.
  • Fix prestige icon set when unlocked.
  • Fix for overlapping quest icons in clear-the-caves quest.
  • Add bloom to new boss presentation.
  • Various Typo fixes.

I'll be pushing a new Experimental build later today. One of the new features in it is that you can... 


run away from some fights.


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OMG yes for running away.

(Also, if it hasn’t been fixed already: the bounty hunting quest sends you straight into battle without giving you an option to back off after seeing the battle difficulty. Could that be changed? I think it’s the only place where it’s unexpected to not have that choice)

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I hope we get cowardly/cautious personality Negotiation cards from running away (Non-confrontational - when in hand, Diplomacy card gains more Composure, Hostility cards either deal less damage or cost more or can only be played once etc.). Also maybe a few cards that facilitates a running-away/making peace meta (maybe items like Smoke Bomb, or lump of meat to distract wild animals). 

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