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New Islands Idea: A Merm Town

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I felt extremely excited when I heard that ocean system was finally introduced to DST. However it can be easily noticed that most of the sea area is “empty”——nothing else other than the lunar island to be explore.

I have absolutely no doubt that new islands as well as new ecosystems would be introduced once the lunar island is fully developed. Still I came with some ideas on that. To me ocean and islands was an appealing feature when I started to play SW, and now it came to DST, then I thought, what if we can visit a more civilized town and build our houses like that in Hamlet? 

And the first mobs that comes to my mind are Merms. We all know these irascible creatures find these origin on “Deep ones”. The Forge has indicated that in a way. What if we can found a town just like the run-down one in The Forge, and trade with some more intelligent Merms? We can even investigate the ancient remains of the Merm civilization. At least it is a fascinating idea to me. Also the materials—codes, pictures in the Forge can be reused. 






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On 7/19/2019 at 6:53 AM, Yukanur said:

the Gorge already featured merm town
case closed

Why not have the merm town in the base game?

Mumsy did say something about following you shortly after you've activated the gateway, who's to say the inhabitants of the Gorge won't follow as well? Perhaps as its own little island? :wilson_curious:

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