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PSA: Waterweed consumes Bleachstone even when stifled

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Per the title, I have an unfinished waterweed farm that lacks plumbing, but is nonetheless consuming bleach stone. First came to my attention when I noticed dupes going over there to fertilize it. Good thing I caught it before I had no bleachstone left!


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41 minutes ago, VitaCoke said:

Ok lets burst this Bubble.... this will happen to every domestic plant. so if your mealwood is in bad condition, it will still consume the fertilizer.

This is not true. This issue was fixed for at least some plants a while back. However, I did a bit of quick testing, which reveals that it is highly inconsistent now.


Bristle Berries, Pincha peppers, Sleet Wheat, Mealwood and Oxyferns did not consume water or fertilizer when stifled.

However, Dusk Cap's and Water weed did.


Those are the only plants I tested, and I did not test different methods of stifling to see if that had any effect.

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18 minutes ago, VitaCoke said:

oh! thats some good news, hope this will work (in the future) as intended.

Pretty much depends on how much proper info we collect I suppose. Since I have quite some vested interest in it, I suppose I might as well see if I can create a comprehensive test save (which should be better to share than still screenshots for a picture may say more than a thousand words but a save game will present the whole novel). It should not be that difficult, just a tad time consuming and needs to be done right.

But before I make that save, I will have to note first what I will need, i.e methods of stifling, fertilizers and irrigation, automation to check, lots of energy, Ruby...

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