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Now , i know that you have to buy it or even get it from chest . But are there are solutions to get it for free or cheaper , im not poor but the price for it is pretty big but it looks nice and if there will be another hallowed nights events what are chances to get one ? Will be another hallowed night event?

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How did this thread even get on the Hot Lava side of the forums before I reported it...?

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Hallowed Nights is the only time the Halloween items can drop, but it doesn't make them more likely to drop than any other elegant. Klei did say they're going to focus less on events this year but I'm sure Hallowed Nights will still happen in some capacity (and the Halloween skins will still go back on the drop table) even if they don't make new content for it. They don't have to host a bunch of servers to support it like with the Gorge and the Forge.

Still, though, your chances of getting that skin when it becomes available are the chances of getting any elegant drop (2.3% per drop, although I think it's higher during events) divided by the number of elegant skins in the game, including the non-tradable ones. You still have a fairly small chance of getting it in October, although the price will probably drop by November because more people in total will have it.

Honestly what I would recommend if you don't want to pay 30 bucks US in the Steam Market to have it now, and you don't want to wait three or four months for it to become available as a drop or for the market price to go down, is to buy two of the DS Funko Pops new and sell or trade the item skins. Three out of four still sell for a higher price than the figurines they come with, at least if you can get free shipping. (Wilson, Willow, and Wendy are the three, and Webber is the exception. I guess fewer people want a Webrolly.) If you get a Guest of Honor head skin for a popular character you could sell or trade that for the cauldron skin instead, but even though those aren't seasonal drops your odds of getting one are still very small.

I would not recommend gambling in the Trade Inn for it either, because by the time you actually got what you wanted you'd probably have spent more money than it would take to buy the skin outright.

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