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  1. it is bc there is a normal reign of giants world for 2-6 players or even 15!! it should be easier if those persons are your friends so you can cooperate. Im gonna guve ya some tips : dont waste the food (in early game is better to have it between 50-75) dont pick the food if you dont need it (if you have the luck to have a world rich in resources DONT PICK THEM ALL , why dont? because if you dont eat them they will spoil and then the food will be useless , actually you can use it as a fertilizer )now im gonna tell you some personal tips make your base in caves for spring and maybe summer(you could make the spring base in the caves because there will not be frogs and not even the boss Goose/Goose (srry for my bad spelling) i actually recomend you geting out of the caves when the boss spawns maybe it will give you some nice stuff and beware of this the climate will be the same in the caves as in the normal world so i highly recomend you getting some farms and wood for the caves , in summer you can get to the oasis , in the caves or put some ice flingomatics in your normal base but i highly recommedn caves (PS:i dont know if ANTILON will come there so be prepared) and if you choose oasis or normal flingomatic base you should be looking for chester , when you got chester you should be looking for blue gems ( dig up graves ) put one gem in each slot and wait for full moon then the chester will change his color into white it will help you keeping the food fresh and getting the thermal stones colder) an moving ice box .
  2. well there are mods that allow that , for example there is a mod for dst that allows you to play shipwrecked and there is probably a man that is workin in making the mod for hamlet
  3. Now , i know that you have to buy it or even get it from chest . But are there are solutions to get it for free or cheaper , im not poor but the price for it is pretty big but it looks nice and if there will be another hallowed nights events what are chances to get one ? Will be another hallowed night event?