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Fixed Temps Still Exist?

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Natural gas generators and petroleum generators have a completely fixed temperature output for their polluted H2O outputs. The CO2 seems to be fixed to the building temperature at time of production though.

Pics for proof: 








Hot NG: 40C, 104F polluted H2O

Cold NG: 40C, 104F polluted H2O.


You can take my word its the same for petro gens or I can attach the pics if you like. 


With that being said, heat deletion via power generators seems like its still a perfectly viable solution. Just dump all your heat into your NG or petroleum and voila.

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Well, turns out this isn't quite how it works, its based on the building temperature. Still you can dump as much heat as you want into the gas or petrol before burning it. Whoops

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42 minutes ago, vohahrv said:

So I wonder whether the fuel in the generator with exchange heat with the environment?

Yes, the contents act as if they are ordinary debris, so they exchange heat slowly with the solid tile below and medium of the same tile it is in (the location is where the contents drop when deconstructed).

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Seeing temperatures of ONI screenshots in F is mildly distressing. I know you may be more personally familiar with F, but C helps with water (the main thing you want never to be at certain temperatures in your pipes) and is a more compressed scale, so it deals with the wider temperature ranges found in an ONI base/world better.

Anyways, yes they output their polluted water at the temperature of themselves instead of based on what the inputs came in as, which can lead to some exploits. Similarly, critter outputs are at body temperature, so if you feed your stone hatches some yummy 1000 C rock (like, say, solidified magma from a volcano...), they will happily convert it into about room temperature coal of the same mass.

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