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  1. Emm, Now we use bridge-priority and element sensor to detect whether the reservoir is full or not. But it makes the pipe system too complicated and takes too much space. I suppose one smart reservoir which could give out the automation signal like the smart battery will do the job. The pipe system will become much more simple.
  2. Some save became weird since the recent update. I guess the dev has made some optimization to the game when things running out of the screen. Here is the hypothesis. 1)The automation didn't work off-screen. 2)the heat exchange (on conveyor rail) become less effective off-screen, Did you guy encounter the same problem? I'll run more test to confirm, Feel free to leave your opinion.
  3. Let carpet tile give a bonus to the special rooms like entertaining rooms and living rooms?
  4. Gas mask? Maybe. Allow your duplicants to breathe in polluted oxygen and not affected by chlorine.
  5. I like the swimming pip idea, the animation should worth a try. But the pip function in two parts, one to produce dirt, another is special to replant seed. So I wonder if we need to keep the ranch of different pip in order to replant seeds? Cause wild planting is getting nerfed. And the lobster idea is perfect! Can we make Surf and turf out of lobster and pacu? It's fun and a reference to Don't Starve.
  6. So spend 10$ to make your duplicants suffer more. Perfect, take my money.
  7. I'm sry, didn't intend to raise such a heated argument. But I am sad to be called trolly. In fact, I didn't expect to meet totally different opinions. Really shocked though :3. Only expect to be criticized for talking the same issue again. Here is my opinion about reality and gameplay. Oni "copy" quite a lot to let us use our experience in reality and other game to quickly adapt to the game. Gravity, food, oxygen consumption, and Minecraft in 2D(maybe, at least the sand falling down seems a reference to me). So that's why the rocket is so thrilling to me, we can launch a rocket into space! Burning liquid oxygen and hydrogen. So that's why the germy water issue seems not good to me. Cause the in-game logic didn't match. The germ was spread through physical contact and the sink is the real sink in reality. So the two rules fall into conflict. But It's really not a big issue, don't mind. P.S. So I guess those oppose this suggestion also think door-pump is ok. Cause although I consider it as normal but will not willingly use it. Hope dev will give us another way to manage large quantities of gas and liquid. Anyway, have a good day, we all hope oni get better and better. Can I change the title? Want a more neutral one.
  8. Since the fixed temperature got reworked, I suggest maybe we can pay attention to the situation that the sink and shower will accept germy water as input. Although it is really convenient to build a bathroom with a circling pipe and a water sieve. But it's against common sense that we can bath in germy water become germ-free. As we got liquid reservoir to make disinfect liquid much easier, maybe we can consider making a change. P.S. Can we get a machine which can automatically disinfect liquid with chlorine/bleach stone/ potassium alum(using the new Al) like in real life? P.S.2 I hope oxylite refinery can refine bleach stone too, cause I use hand sanitizer in late-game for cute animation and getting rid of pipe. I think it's important to have different access to certain consumable resources.
  9. So I wonder whether the fuel in the generator with exchange heat with the environment?