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ONI 2 - the (jokey) game(Fixed link)

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Ok, so, I made a game ONI 2, it's kind of a joke, but it's still a game...

Dupe leveling
Sloppy physics
Direct Dupe control

How to play:
Use WASD to control duplicants
Use arrow keys to move the camera
After some time the pod will print more Dupes, all controlled by WASD
When space is pressed, duplicants mine resources near them, it takes some time to mine them
There are 3 objects to build: Tiles, Ladders, and Pumps
Pumps automatically get all the water
While holding Q Dupes fall through ladders, otherwise, they are jump-through
Right click on built objects to destroy them

To do list:
Add wires, manual generators, and lamps
Add biomes
Add use for water
Add saving





The game:



This game was made around the Tubular update, so it misses some big elements, like jobs and space.
I will continue the game to add these features.


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