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  1. MODS?!? @watermelen671, HOW DID YOU MISS MODS? (Yeah, i'm ukrainian) (Yeah i am HYPEDDDDDDDDD)
  2. But... It's a shovel.Not the new critter... (I only understood the joke,Kek)
  3. Hey Watermelen, any new lore? (I can't use my computer cause it broke. Never belive a Chinese SSD, even if it's expensive...)
  4. Yup, you can see it when new dupe is ready and you move cursor over prining pod in decor view.
  5. Anyone?, even the ILLUMINATI?(sorry for off-topic) Real talk. That will be a strange move for KLEI when we have so much lore...
  6. watermelen671 you have already posted some of them, but not all the grey re:! kek Also.... NEW MINI FORUM WEAPON