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Rot Hurts You? Even as WX? :(

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Gosh darnit. How was I supposed to know that rot hurts you? I was playing as WX and had extremely low HP. I ate some rot hoping it would do something but it damaged me. Now I am dead. :(This is not a complaint though! I like the added challenge of the game recently actually... this is just a warning! (though I really don't think WX should take dmg from rot)

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It's hardly food though...

Yeah I for sure don't think it should do much, if anything. I just think it's harsh for it to damage you.Then again, now I've done it once I know I'll never do it again! As is Don't Starve I suppose. :)
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? I though his perk was able to eat rot

perhaps I misunderstood it

I don't understand why a robot needs to eat in the first place

He can eat spoiled (orange background) food with no negative to the food.

He uses food as fuel.

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