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Klei change system spec requirements for ONI!

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This was told many times, since loong time, but short before launching final version, it's very "customer unfriendly" and i can not understand, why you(Klei) don't change it?
Here from Epic store
Here from steam

I am friendly and call it unfair..
When players with low sys spec(but min required) get this game and play to the point, where they get a faceslap by lag, it feels so wrong.
Because they get bad lag first time after more then 2 hours of playing and then no refund is possible.
That means that some of lategame content is "locked" for those and game not fully playable..


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1 hour ago, badgamer123 said:

i don't thing dual core is possible to run a 300 day base alone....

at singlespeed, with a high-performance dual core it would. But the problem is, the specs state only dualcore, and that may even be an old AMD X64, what i saw the other day in a bug report. One does not have fun for long with this cpu.

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56 minutes ago, Rainbowdesign said:

Well i got it running on my tablet but fps are rather low... beside this i think they will improve the performance with the release and after over time.

..and not based on a map shrink, like in the past..

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