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Winter has come! Now, will it ever go away?..

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I've been in adventure mode, day 327, world 1. Then winter update released, I survived 1 winter (which started at day 347 and ended at 362) and used portal to go in next world.Next world, day 2: it's snowing. It was just for 20s maybe, without snow layer on ground, but it was kinda weird a little.. Ok, nevermind, keep playing. Day 12. Suddenly - winter ambient, 3 sections of day, 8 of dusk and 5 of night. 3 sections of day! I wasn't ready much, but.. Well, I can deal with that. Later, in like 7-14 days it became normal winter (6 day, 6 dusk, 4 night). Now it's day 56, I've killed 4 deerclops, eat 1 eye and I wonder - will winter ever end? I've spent all honey I had (so I can't heal sanity with candies), I don't have any farm (so my only food is meat), normal base etc. It's challenging, but did anyone else got so long winter so far? It's just 2nd world..Update:Day 58 - first melting. Still winter, though.Day 62 - Winter is over, 4 sections of day, 8 dusk, 4 night. Weird configurationDay 71 - 10 day, 4 dusk, 2 nightDay 72 - Winter, 3 sections of day, 8 of dusk and 5 of night --____--Update: it's bug. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?11297-Gameplay-Time-of-days-is-probably-wrong

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Adventure mode is certainly challenging to say the least. I have been having difficulty coming up with a decent strategy. I started a new game and am currently at day 36. That first winter is tough if you don't happen to find any beefallos prior to its onset. I didn't find the one small herd on my map until day 15 or so, I would not have been able to make it through at all if not for the fact that Willow can travel by forest fire...And now winter is here again...Oddly after struggling with this mode, I no longer want to play in sandbox mode. Go figure...

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